Tuesday, September 25, 2001

It's strange how travel modifies vision. It turns the eye inward even as
it absorbs everything new in sight. A sight or an experience, the very
act of being outside your comfort zone, makes you rethink the
parameters you've just stepped out of, and throws the windows of
your mind so wide open until it's as vast as the sky, and your very
nerve endings grow eyes of their own.

I like to go places on my own, for while it makes me vulnerable and
open to other people whose logic, speech, routines, habits or beliefs
may or may not resemble mine, it gives me insight to what I may not
have known of myself. I can forget myself in another place, only to
realize what I’m capable of, and what I will never do in this lifetime,
and what I could become.

Travel is an all-night, interesting and intoxicating drink fest with a
stranger who may or may not, come daylight, be your friend forever.
But the hangover lasts a lifetime.

-----"Worldwide" from Legmanila.com, Tara FT Sering

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