Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gossip Girl: Crazy Cupid Love


It's another picture perfect Valentines Day in the Upper East. Lovers kissing on the streets, couples holding hands, letters in the mail; it's enough to turn a doubter into a believer. But guess who's not celebrating? With no lovers in sight, word is Kane and his friends are sitting this tradition out.

"So tell me: What  incredibly romantic plans do you have for Valentines?" Vackie asked.

"Let's see. I'm writing a report at work and I'm still debating whether to go to the gym after and be tagged as a loser," I replied. "Or, I'd probably just order take out and try to finish Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried."

"That sounds ... well, pretty awful," V said. "Staying at home and reading a story about war on Valentines?"

"Well ... I haven't had a special Valentine in years. The last one was with my ex and as you know, well ... that was a pretty long time ago," I said. "But ... it's a good thing it's your birthday ball honey!!!"

I hope you haven't forgotten ladies. Cause when the day of hearts comes, we all know it's time for V's birthday.

"Honey!! Happy Birthday!!!" I shouted after I arrived at the bar. V was wearing a blue plaid polo that was utterly divine. "Well ... if it's possible, I think you look more dashing than ever," I declared.

"Well … I guess it is possible," he answered and we both laughed.

"OOOoooohh," I said. "So Jay is here." Jay was his ex-boyfriend, his last and they were together for more than four years. Jay has a boyfriend now, but the guy was out of town.

"OOOoooohh," V said. "So Gino is here."

"Hahaha. You got me," I said. "Explanations will have to wait because right now, I need a drink!!!"

We all started mingling with the guests, chatting, drinking, dancing. It was, as always, a blast. Patrick was among those who came. He was one of my long-time crushes and he just seemed to become more charming through the years. But we never got around to going out. He was either in a relationship or something comes up and our date gets canceled. Or maybe he just wasn't interested.

I approached him and said hi. We chatted about work and small updates about our lives. He touched my hair and smiled. "Dapat ganyan ka na lang lagi. Bagay sa iyo."

"Hahaha. Pasaway ko no? Sigh. I wish I could but I can't. This is just a one-night-only," I said laughing.

"Grabe no, ang tagal na nating magkakilala," he suddenly blurted out.

"I know. I still remember the first time I saw you," I replied smiling. We were both much younger then, barely even men.

"Weeeehh ... di nga?" Patrick said.

"Yeah. That was like maybe eight years ago? You were still with your ex."

And then I said it. "The truth is, you're my longest running crush."

Patrick was startled. "Ha? Ako?"

I don't know what came over me. Maybe it was the scotch. Or the blue and green lights that sprayed across his face, and made his elven features more enchanting than ever.

"Yeah. Ikaw," I said and paused. "Maybe we can go out sometime?"

Spotted: K confessing his heart out on V day. But the night is still not over, ladies. We hear another prince has his eye on this boy.

Vackie was tipsy already. Everybody had drunk copious amounts of alcohol and we were all inebriated. He was talking to Patrick when he suddenly said, "Alam mo, you're one of the people who made me sad on my birthday. I really liked you ... but I guess you don't feel that same way."

V told me later on what happened. I also told him what I told Patrick. "Sigh. How many times can we keep on doing this?"  I asked him. "We liking the same guy over and over again?"

We were both quiet. "Well, maybe it's because we both have great taste in men?" V said and we both laughed.

"Hay ... mabuti pa si Fran."

Every year, Valentines Day comes and goes leaving behind a trail of memories. For  some, it's a day to celebrate love found and kept.

I sidled up to Fran who was dancing with her lover David. "You really look happy, honey." I whispered.

"Really?" she said smiling. "I am hun. Sobra."

For others, it's a time to celebrate with friends, both old and new.

But sometimes, there's just no candy coating the fact that you can still feel all alone. Even on your birthday.

"So ...what's your birthday wish honey? You happy?" I asked.

"I am, I  am. It's been a great year,  and I'm happy you guys are with me. But ... sana makahanap na tayo ng someone to spend our lives with," he replied wistfully.

"Sana nga. Hay ... sige na nga, kahit mauna ka na!" I said and hugged him.

But the most surprising of all; is when the people you least expect, begin to show their true colors.

"Honey, Jay just texted," V said. "Weird."

"Why?" I asked. "What did he say?" The night was ending and we were all about to head home.

"He said 'You and Arlan are welcome to stay at my place if you want'." 

Uh oh V. Looks like you just played Cupid. Who shot an arrow through his own heart.


"OMG! What?" I said. We were both stunned. "I love. Talagang you and Arlan lang. Kulang na lang sabihin niyang, don't bring your other friends. Hahaha. Iba talaga itong si A. Lahat na lang gusto siya!!!"

"So ... how does it feel that your ex-boyfriend wants to fuck your best friend?" I asked, with a wicked grin. "You know what they say: if you can't stop them, join them."

They say Valentines, like the best kind of traditions, brings people together. The strangest pair can become bedfellows under the most unlikely circumstances. Happy Heart's Day everyone.

Come together. Right now.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Gossip Girl: Encantadia and the Upper East


Previously: Meet The Cast

Morning sleepyheads. Brrrr … it's cold outside. Lucky for you, I've got something to warm you up. Are you ready for the latest piece of gossip?

Spotted: An Upper Eastsider … and an Encanto? 

Now even I did not see that coming. Who would have thought an Encanto would fancy one of our girls. But then again, this isn't the first time it happened. Nor the second. Bet you didn't know that.

Let's hope this Encanto lives up to the name and proves himself a delight. Now, as for who they are  ... or what they did, that's something I'll never tell.


Monday, February 06, 2012

Use Somebody


Previously:  A Year Ago

"Wait, you mean you're with a guy AGAIN?" Arlan asked me incredulously. "On a weekday night? Don't you ever rest? Weren't you just with that chinito one yesterday and Hermès guy the other day?"

It was a Tuesday night and I was having a couple of beers with Paul near my place, a new guy I met through the world's friendliest planet, PlanetRomeo. When he excused himself to go to the restroom, I took the opportunity to text my friends to gossip about my "date".

"Well … he was insistent. He wanted to meet tonight," I explained. "Besides, mabuti na lang pinilit niya ako because he's cute pala! (Besides, it's a good thing he did because he turned out to be cute!) He's a doctor honey!"

"Grabe ka (You're unbelievable)," A said. "Alam mo (You know what) … I know exactly what to call you... but since I'm a devout Christian I choose not to say the word."

"O    M     G," I spluttered. "You know what … I know exactly what to call you too. But since I'm such a good friend, I will not say the word."

"Hahahaha. What? I'm innocent!" A protested.

"Don't play innocent with me honey. I know you … better than you know yourself," I said. "You and I are not too different, after all."

"Hahahaha. Maybe that's why we're friends," A said laughing.

Looking back at the month that passed, I realized maybe I have gone a little overboard. "Hay … Grabe, can you believe it?" I told Vackie. "Maybe life is indeed a cycle. I'm thirty one but I'm sooo fucking horny all the time I feel like I'm thirteen! What the hell."

"Honey!!! Tirhan niyo naman ako ng lalaki. Ikaw at yang kaibigan mong si Arlan! (Please leave some guys for me. You and your friend Arlan!)" V implored.

"Ikaw naman! (Come on!) Diba we believe in the saying: There's always enough for everyone."

"Well, at the rate you're going, mukhang wala ng matitira sa akin!"

"Well, honey, I can't slow down for you. You just got to keep up! Where's the girl I used to know? You seem so despondent lately."

"Honey ... Valentines na."


Valentines. That dreaded word again. That day when happy couples rub their happiness into your face. So what if you got lots of boys? So what if you have more sex? They're the ones in love and when you sleep at night, you're still alone, aren't you?

"Wow, where did that come from?" I asked. "I wasn't expecting that."

"Honey, sa tingin mo magkakaboyfriend pa ba tayo? (You think we'll still have boyfriends?)" V asked.

I sighed. It has been awhile.

Two and a half years. That is how long I have been single. Can you believe it? I sometimes can't myself.

"So … why don't you have a boyfriend?" people would ask.

I'd shrug, give a little smile and say lightly, "But there's no one to love."

"Why not? A guy like you probably wouldn't find it hard to meet other guys"

That's true, I'd answer to myself quietly. But ... I don't know. Maybe I'm different. Sometimes I envy other people and their ability to fall in and fall out of love quickly. Never mind that the relationship doesn't last very long. Who wouldn't mind having someone during his birthday. Or to be warm during Christmas.

I was reading stories I had written previously and I came across the something I wrote about my last boyfriend in November of 2010. In there, I said

"For the first ... and last time in my life, I felt that kind of love. And the memory of it is beautiful ... enough to last. Enough to give me comfort on nights like these... when love seems so far away."

A year and countless dates later, it seems I'm no closer. There are times when I want to throw the question back at them. Why don't I have a boyfriend? Tell me. Because the truth is, I really could use somebody.