Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Veritas odit moras It means "Truth hates delay."
---Seneca's translation of Sophocles' Oedipus
"The beautiful things we shall write if we have talent," Proust says, "are inside us, indistinct, like the memory of a melody which delights us though we are unable to recapture its outline. Those who are obsessed by this blurred memory of truths they have never known are the men who are gifted... Talent is like a sort of memory which will enable them finally to bring this indistinct music closer to them, to hear it clearly, to note it down..."

-----"Against Sainte-Beuve", Proust

Saturday, December 15, 2001

“he knew my most secret thought, such as I have never expressed it, such as I would have wished to express it..."
Truth’s pedagogue, braving an entrenched class of fools and scoundrels, children of the world, his eyes caged and hostile behind glass—still Péguy said that Hope is a little child.

-----"The Mystery of the Charity of Charles Péguy", Geoffrey Hill
A great philosophy is not that which passes final judgments, which takes a seat in final truth. It is that which introduces uneasiness, which opens the door to commotion.

-----“Note on M. Bergson”, Charles Péguy

Friday, December 14, 2001

next week, we are all leaving Angers, leaving behind a cloud of memories, joy, laughter..i will miss this place. Time has passed again..