Thursday, August 08, 2013

Gossip Girl: Kiss Yesterday Goodbye

Little Boy Blue
"I stepped up the game. I kissed him again and unbuttoned my jeans a little."

Up and at them Upper Eastsiders! New day, new gossip. Because after all, what happened yesterday is old news. And who cares about that? 

Spotted: Kane canoodling with someone else's lover. Uh oh. Careful K, you might want to wipe that smile off your face 'cause we hear the boyfriend is pretty fucking pissed.

Two months earlier

"Oh my Godddd honey!" I said to Arlan. It was a Saturday morning and I was at a sports fest with friends from work. I was trying without much success to get a guy to notice me.

"One of the organizers looks so cute!!" I squealed. "Ang laki ng arms niya. Parang kayang kaya ka niyang buhatin with one hand. (He has such huge arms. Like he can easily lift you up with just one hand.) I want to introduce myself and tell him, 'Can I touch your arms?'"

"Gaga! Huwag! (Fucker! Don't!) Just say, 'So ... obviously, you work out. San ka nag gy gym? Work out tayo minsan. (Where's your gym? Maybe we can work out together some time.)'"

"Aaaaaaayyyyyyyy," I said as we both burst out laughing.

I did get to meet Jj later on. We were introduced by a common friend. I tried to engage him in a conversation but all he gave were one-word answers. Aaaaaahhh, he's not interested, I told myself ruefully. Such is life, I've learned. We don't always win them all.

But it turned out I did. The next day I was surprised to see he followed me in Facebook. Ah ha! So he did notice me, I said to myself. I was rather pleased. A few days later, I sent a friend request and we later on started chatting.

Jj was smart, engaging. We talked about our interests, the songs, films and writers we like. He told me he loves Herta Müller, Elfriede Jelinek, Thomas Bernhard, Bret Easton Ellis, and Alberto Moravia.

"I have stacks of unread books," he said.

"What was the last book that made you go  'Wow! That's amazing'?" I asked.

"Ah. Woodcutters by Thomas Bernhard," he replied. "It made me feel like I want to disappear too and be a woodcutter"

Wow, a cute guy who actually reads, I mused. It must be my lucky day.

A few days later, I was startled to receive a message.

"This is Jj's boyfriend speaking. I read your chat messages."

Fuck. So he has a boyfriend.

"I am sorry, I didn't know," I said. "I didn't mean any harm."

"I know. But harm was already done."

Pretty soon, it was over. My account was blocked and we stopped communicating with each other.

And so time passed. Days turned into weeks, which turned into months. Until one day ... 

*Beep* I checked my inbox and was surprised to receive a message from Jj. He was asking me how I was, and we talked a little. Carlo was celebrating his birthday that night so I asked him if he would like to go. 

I had work the next day but I wanted to drop by. I always try to make it a point to go to birthday celebrations. I know they mean a lot to people.

Jj and I kept chatting during the party. I teased him that he doesn't dance. He said he needed to be drunk first. I poured him glass after glass of alcohol. We were both filled with tension, or at least I was. I could feel our bodies meld into each other as I reach for my drink, hands briefly touching.

In the middle of the night, Carlo pulled me over. "So ... tell me ... who is heeee?"

"Hahaha. Wala. He's ... a friend," I said casually.

Carlo gave me a disbelieving look. "Come on K. We all know you never just bring a guy to a party. But I like your style: new party, new boy."

We both laughed. "Gago. (Fuck off.) Besides, he has a boyfriend so you know ..."

"Well ... I'm sure you know what you're doing," he told me before going back to chit chat with other guests. "Or do you?" He gave me a knowing look as he waved goodbye.

We were almost home and I was about to drop Jj off. We were both tired, a bit tipsy.

"Hey, it was nice to see you again," I said. I realized I did enjoy the night with him. The thrill, the illicitness of our rendezvous reminded me of 

"So ... do I get a good night kiss?" he suddenly said.

For a second, I was paralyzed with the moral crisis facing me. What do I do? I asked myself. What do I do?

A wise woman once said, in life there are only three kinds of girls. There's the girl you marry, there's the girl the girl you fuck, and the m there's the girl who opened Pandora's box. Now which one are you K



Eternal Wanderer... said...

you harridan you.


Anonymous said...

moral crisis?

oh i bet it flew out the car window.

-the geek

Shenanigans said...

Haaaay! nakaka inlove ka naman Kane.

The camera LOVES you.


Nomad said...

There's no more moral crisis for someone who's drunk. Ahehehe!

gillboard said...

so... what did you do?

FiftyShadesOfQueer said...

and that annoying feeling that creeps in when one gets sober.

Momel said...

Whose yesterday was kissed goodbye, Vincent?

rudeboy said...

let's do this again, sans spelling errors.


joelmcvie said...

There is no moral crisis. There is only a smartly-placed cliffhanger. :)

red the mod said...

Is it just me? I'm getting a player-vibe from his smile. I would like to expound on what else I am picking up from his smile, but it might get me in trouble. So there.

Anonymous said...

"Hey, it was nice to see you again," I said. I realized I did enjoy the night with him. The thrill, the illicitness of our rendezvous reminded me of"

This is an unfinished line pala. ;-)

nyldgreat said...