Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Paris, France


How are you feeling? I asked.

Max sighed. Overwhelmed.


With a breathless awe in his voice, Max said, I just can't believe I'm in Paris, France.

I shook my head. You don't say Paris, France, Max. That's an address on an envelope. It's like saying you live in New York, New York.

But it's so amazing.

I smiled at him. No. You're the one who's amazing.

Based on a story by Philip Gefter titled Elizabeth New Jersey.


rudeboy said...


Funny. This reminds me of the time when my ex-bff and I were in a bathhouse in Rome. Everyone was wearing their white towels like togas, and the fool gushed

"I feel like I'm in Rome!"

Naturally, my only response could be: "That's probably because we are, silly!"

Peter said...

Once while in North Carolina, I told someone that I was flying to Athens from there. He thought I was going to Athens, Georgia. Close shave. In fact, I flew to Athens, Greece through Atlanta, Georgia.

E said...

parang nung pumunta ako ng provice sabi ko "fly ako ng tanauan eh" kala ng tropa ko batangas yun pala sa Leyte lolz

Boying Opaw said...

wow. parang, "it is not because we are here. it is because i am with you." eeeee!!!!!


Désolé Boy said...

always cool Kane...

Arian T said...

short yet moving. can't stop smiling.

callboi said...

So short an entry, and yet, kinilig pa rin ang pwet ko. :-)

- bookie -