Saturday, December 25, 2010

Gossip Girl: Farewell K

Hey Upper East Siders! The holidays have finally caught up with me but before I leave to celebrate, I'd like to leave you all with one last piece of dirt.

I spy with my many eyes Kane at the airport, bags in hand, slipping out on Christmas Eve. Where is he going? Why did he leave? Word is the kingdom rebelled and the Queen has been sent on exile. Abandoned by friends and frenemies alike, it looks like Golden Boy just became Lonely Boy.

But the real question is: now that the Queen is away, will the mice play? Behave you little rodents. Remember: if you kiss... I tell.




Peter said...

Wherever you are Kane, I wish you all the magic of Christmas. Enjoy the Season and . . . until next year.

Yas Jayson said...

Ngayon ka palang pala aalis. I was surprised when I received a message from you kahapon. Thanks, Kane!

You behave there in the North. You must be VERY VERY behave (:

Talk to you when you return.

Anonymous said...


Just one, fucker!


Yj said...

ooooooooh at saang lupalop ka naman maghahasik ng glitters? ahahaha

merry christmas Kane...


Raft3r said...

merry christmas, kane!!!

Guyrony said...

Baby no one exiled you, you escaped.

And what a wonderful escape might I add.

And remember, we have a pact by next year.


I miss you already. When you get home we'll party all night long.

"The night is young and so are we."

C said...

Heey! Enjoy your trip K!

Kisses and hug to your Shobe!

I miss you already! mwuahhh =)

Momel said...

Kala ko ba pasabog???

Naku, Merry Christmas sa yo Kane, at kung saan ka man liliparin ng hangin!

Mu[g]en said...

Gladness you will be able to spend the holidays with the family.

Merry Christmas Kane!

Ryan said...

Merry Christmas, Kane! :D

orally said...

Merry Christmas Kane

engel said...

Remember Kane, my pasalubong!!! Happy new year. Hope you enjoy your adventures in exile. :)

Mike said...

happy trip and enjoy the holidays!

wanderingcommuter said...

bon voyage, kane!

enjoy your holidays!

Tank said...

Missing you already.