Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Valley Girls


It was dawn when I landed in Manila. I suddenly remembered telling Ivan while he was showing me around in Lima that my favorite words in the Filipino language are takipsilim (twilight) and bukang liwayway (break of dawn), which are also my favorite times of the day. The city was still quiet and the wind was cold, reminding me of the season.

They say things get easier, the people get used to goodbyes. It doesn't. Saying farewell to my family at the airport was just as difficult as the first time. I was alone ... again.

I wanted or maybe needed to feel welcome so I called my best friend.

"Honey!!! I miss you," I said.

"You're home! So ... how was your trip to America?" V replied. "Or, should I say ... the Americas?"

"Hahaha. It was okay," I said.

"Oh spare me K. I read Gossip Girl and I know what you did this winter ... and with who!" V said. "I hope you were protected. Should I be worried?"

"Hahahaha. Well... I may have a thing for cute South American waiters."

"And bartenders. Backpackers. Or anyone who offers you a pisco sour drink."

 "Hahahaha. Winter was fun but it's over," I replied. "I'm home and all I want to do is just get back to my life."

"Well, so much for your Eat Pray Love pilgrimage. You certainly got the Love part right."

"Ahahaha  gaga ka talaga," I said. "Teka... I read Gossip Girl too and word is you started the year with a bang... or two, to be exact. So... Gregory William. You finally got him. Bravo V."

"Honey!!!! Finally, after years of crushing I crossed him out of my to-do-list."

"Hahaha. So... how was it?"

"Honey, na tense talaga ako (I got so tensed) when he said 'Ride my cock!'," V said.

"OMG!!!! You didnt??!!"

"Well... What's a girl to do?"

"OMG!!! You did!!! Hahaha. Whatever happened to starting the year on top?" I said.

"I was on top. I had to give the bottom in me one last big hurrah," he said. "Alam mo, sabi niya para daw kaming porn stars (You know, he told me we were like pornstars.)"

"Wow ... must have been some hurrah. Hahahaha. I love."

"Honey, I'm glad you're home," V said. "Ang saya. You're back, Arlan's here for good also. I'm so excited for this year."

I took a deep breath.

"About that, there's something I need to tell you," I said.


"I may be leaving the country for good this year."


Anonymous said...


i still owe you dinner. :(

Mu[g]en said...

So the queen will be exiled, permanently? =(

Eternal Wanderer... said...


but when?

Raft3r said...

sounds like an awesome adventure ahead
good luck, kane!

btw, dalaw ka ke raft3r
three years old na blog nya

♥N said...

That's how I always feel as well after I have traveled to another part of the world. We realize that there is so much to see in this world, and to live forever in one place, is akin to living a one-dimensional life.

Here's to expanding our horizons. ♥

Pipo said...

no. way.

Guyrony said...

All for the best Baby K...

Tristan Tan said...

You never fail to make smile, Kane...

See you when I go home summer, dahlin'. I need my dose of Kane. :)

engel said...

shocker naman. but why?

Kiks said...

with that, and all the comments here, this blog (should it close) needs to reach its denouement by the time you have settled down wherever you may be - by end of this year or next.

nakakalokang balitaaaaaa.

Peter said...

Where do we see you then? Wag mo sabihin sa cyberspace. I meant where -- we just might get there.

Kiks said...

kane will be reunited with his upper east siders...

paano na ang mga tagalog-speaking upper east siders?

Anonymous said...

good luck with that kung sakali!

Momel said...


Too many queens, too small a kingdom. That's the problem, and we could use some space. Meanwhile, your leaving will not be an improvement. We have very few queens with such gnarly taste. We'd hate for you to leave.

The Queen of Darkness

Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

so this is what you meant when we were talking on the phone. don't leave without seeing me first ha. magtatampo ako!

not that i ever do. lol