Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Kiss of Surrender


Martin always had a small crush on Vackie. Martin would casually ask him out for dinner and movie dates and Tagaytay food trips. Unfortunately, Vackie didn't like him that way but he was a good guy and eventually they became friends.

He celebrated his birthday one weekend. He was getting drunk, and the alcohol made him bolder than he really was, more reckless.

"Can I have a kiss?" Martin asked Vackie suddenly during the party. "Sige na. Birthday ko naman. (Come on. It's my birthday, anyway)."

Vackie thought about it for a while and agreed. Martin kissed him eagerly. A little too eagerly. He shoved his tongue inside Vackie's mouth, pouncing like a lioness on its prey. Vackie was taken aback. He was sloppy and greedy and clearly didn't know how to kiss.

"Okay, okay. Okay na. I gotta go. Kane is looking for me," Vackie said.

"One more please. Sige na. (Come on.) It's the last."

"Okay… fine," Vackie said, taking a deep breath.

Martin did it again, but this time the kiss was forceful, more insistent.

"Okay na. I really have to go," Vackie said, stopping Martin after a few seconds.

"One last. Ten seconds, please?" Martin asked again.

Vackie was about to say no but then he saw the quiet pleading look in his eyes.

"Okay," Vackie acquiesced. When the kiss ended, Martin still wasn't satisfied. He begged for one final kiss.

"Okay Martin, one final kiss," Vackie said slowly. "But this time I will take the lead. I am going to do this for you, and for all the boys you will kiss after me."

Vackie held Martin's face in his hands and closed his eyes. He leaned forward slowly and kissed him the way we would kiss our lovers; quiet and strong and gentle and forceful at the same time. He surrendered himself, and in that kiss lay all his yearning for love.

The kiss ended. For a moment, they were both still. Vackie stepped back and quietly started walking away.

At his back, Martin slowly collapsed on the couch with a dazed, or perhaps it was a dazzled look on his face.


eon said...

snaps for vackie. hope the lesson sticks.

Nimmy said...

Ang bait naman ni Vackie... :)

Sean said...

martin will forever be grateful for that lesson.

JapaneseAdobo said...

sorry i was captured by the photo of this entry... i wud love to have a version of it in my house.

Louie said...

Your friend Vackie is really kind. And I echo Sean.

Anonymous said...

Nagpapahalik si Vackie kahit na hindi nya type si Martin? Weird. :p

sabi nga nila, ireserba mo ang labi mo sa taong mahal at gusto mo. :))

engel said...

bait naman ni v.

rowell said...

pwede bang paturo din kay vackie?

Mugen said...

3 cheers for v!

orally said...

mapagkawanggawa. idol ko na si vackie.

pure charity or out of pity?

Kiks said...

Kiks smiled, silently having his palms meet for Vackie.

the geek said...

i think the painting is better if seen on canvass.

i wonder where can i get one. :)

Anonymous said...

hope edward teaches poor losers like me how to kiss as well. he he he. i'm dying to read stories about edward kane. and for sure many others do. indulge us please. he he he.


Spiral Prince said...

Precognition strikes again, Kane. Last monday night, the image of two heads on one torso popped into my head, and I ended up wondering whether it would be possible for them to kiss, and, if they could, would it be considered narcissism or not. Anyway, I guess Surrender does draw a line between the casual and the non-casual trysts. It defines a shape out of all the incoherence in the world, giving it meaning and making it unique. Haaaayst. V is one good soul. You have such great friends, Kane. ;)


Nishiboy said...

Ang nice ni V. I would never do that to him. Hihihi.

Lulu LaBonne said...

Now there's a tease if ever there was

Anonymous said...

oh, V's the good guy... so V is like nate archibald...