Friday, August 03, 2012

Sex and Another City


The story below contains some elements of sex, and not just sex, but gay sex. If you feel you may be offended, please do not proceed. (So mom and dad, if you're reading this, do us all a favor and stop!!!!)

It was a gusty, stormy night in Manila. It had been raining incessantly for days and the weather was making people feel lethargic. But no thunderstorm can stop someone from having a good time, it seems. My friends had just come from Distillery and I decided to meet them while they were eating at three in the morning.

"Hey!!!" I shouted to everyone.

"Grabe ka! Hindi ka man lang nagsabi nag Cebu ka pala!" Tim said after hugging each other. "Andoon kaya ako."

Tim is now based in Manila, though he originally hailed from Cebu. They were all a little red faced; they've all obviously had a few drinks and everyone was perky.

"Ayy ... I'm sorry I didn't know!" I exclaimed. "Besides, it was a quick trip. I didn't have a lot of time kasi work."

"Talaga lang ha," Tim replied. "Pero may oras mag Grindr?"

"Hahahaha. What do you mean?" I said, feigning ignorance.

"Ikaw talaga! Nagulat na lang ako nung sinabi ng kaibigan ko 'Gusto ko talaga siya' tapos pinakita niya ang picture mo! May nangyari daw sa inyo!"

"Aaaayyyyyyyyy!!! I hate it! Why do people kiss and tell?" I squealed while laughing. "I deny it!"

"God! Whatever happened to being discrete about your private affairs?" I protested. "So now people are gossiping about me? In Cebu pa? When all I want is to be the low-profile guy. You know, the girl in the corner."

"Hay naku K! Ikaw talaga!" everyone teased me.

"Well," I said, shrugging them off. "So ... tell me. I must have been good or what?" I said grinning.

A few weeks ago ...

The phone rang while I was cumming inside a boy's mouth. "Hello?" I said, struggling not to moan and to speak normally as my dick throbbed.

"Sir, just a reminder it's check out time," the concierge said. I was still in the midst of an orgasm and was having difficulty focusing. Ahhh, yes, the time. They're telling me to go.

"Okay, thanks," I said and put the phone down.

I was spent. "Hey, okay ka na?"I asked Peter. "Sorry ha, but we have to go. Check out time na kasi. Late ka kasi dumating," I teased him.

Ten minutes before the check out time, and two hours before my flight, Peter and I were still getting it on. I know ... I know ... The thing is, I have had my fill of sex in the past two days yet I couldn't resist wanting more.

In the middle of one of my encounters, I suddenly had trouble reaching climax. It was no fault of the guy, he was fairly attractive and fairly skillful. And it was then that I had an ephiphany.

Oh my fuckin' God. Could it be ... that I wasn't horny?

To be more precise, I wasn't horny in my dick, but I was horny in my head.

I realized I'm suffering from a condition called the buffet mentality. You know how it is: you're in front of rows and rows of delicious food, you've had your 15th plate and your tummy is about to go bust. Yet you still want to try one more dish. You tell yourself, just one more dish. In truth, you're no longer hungry. Except that the dishes looked so good and you just want one more bite.

I find that my drive for sex is a little similar. At times, I'm not really horny. But I still want to fuck. Sayang naman kasi. Cute pa naman. Gusto naman niya. Game na game.

A hedonist strives to cram all the pleasure he can get into a single lifetime. And perhaps for me, that includes all the mind-fuckin' blowing sex one can have with all the cute guys one can get.

I couldn't believe I've fallen into the trap. Sigh. And it seems like there's no getting out of it.


Denoy Eusebio said...

buffet mentality
tatandaan ko nga ito

Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your blog while reading Ms. Chuniverse. I like your narrative, it has a good flow. Well, I bookmarked your blog to get back to it and read your previous posts.
- ed from nyc

Mac Callister said...

omg!!!! Naiimagine ko na yun pagtalsik sa mouth niya! Hahahaha!

hay naku K, katakawan na tawag jan!!! Chos

LJ said...

buffet mentality, pretty interesting. :D