Friday, February 08, 2013


"Ahia, I'm here at the hospital now," Shobe said. "My water bag broke. But baka tom pa tong si baby lalabas. (But I think the baby will come out tomorrow.) Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers."

Ahhhh... and so it is time. My little sister is giving birth to her first baby. I guess she's not so little anymore.

"Thank you for letting me know. So you'll stay there for the night? You feel ready?" I said. I was excited, nervous, and a little sad I wasn't with her. I knew this was one of those life moments you'll never forget. I suddenly felt acutely the thousands of miles that stood between us.

"Yes stay na. Connected to the monitor and I'm on fluids already. Ito pala feeling ng patient (So this is how a patient feels)," she said and laughed. It was nervous laughter. She was quiet for a while.

"My back hurts though," Shobe said. "Hopefully I can get some sleep before showtime begins tomorrow. I'm a little anxious kasi i don't know what the pain will be like but I'm ready for it. Kakayanin."

"I understand," I said. I was getting teary-eyed. I was worried for her, I wanted to hug her. She's my baby, still, and that will never change, no matter how many babies she gets. 

"But ikaw pa Shobe! You're one of the bravest person I know," I said, as I tried to cheer her up. "And pain is good, once in a while. It reminds us we are alive."

The next day, my dad texted. 

baby Alessandra
born 1/28/2013 5:31 p.m.
white complexion 7.02 pounds 19.5" 
she's a happy baby girl.

And just like that, life begins anew. Honeylet, daughter, wife, sister, is now also a mother. You know what Dad, I'm happy too.


Mac Callister said...

Malamang ninong ka hehehe.

Congrats sa new baby nyo sa family. Masaya may bata sa bahay :-)

red the mod said...

Blessed be the child. :)

How are you Kane? I'm sure you're all ready and excited to be a uncle.

Dicky Carter said...

:) Lovely baby.

Shogun said...

When my two nephews were born, I was there along with my brother-in-law. We would always be there for our siblings. :)



Nate said...

congratulations, K! tell Shobe she did a good job. Baby Alessandra is a charmer! :)

Joe Pereira said...

Congratz uncle - lovely baby :)

♥N said...

I love that name Alessandra. My daughter's middle name is the same (Alexandra).

A new life. I'm so excited for you all. It's the best gift from God.

♔ıǝɹɯɐı♔ said...

Ermehgawd. So cute :3

eArL... said...

congrats tito :) cute little bundle of joy.