Thursday, July 04, 2013

Gossip Girl: July, It's Kind of Wonderful

(Originally written in Facebook last night ... just before midnight.)


"The relentless march of time is inescapable. It changes everything; people, relationships, friendships. Sometimes what once was, can never be again. It really is, perhaps, the most formidable enemy of all. But without it, we wouldn't be what we are: human. With all its frailties and tenderness and pathos."

Gossip Girl: Tick Tock

"Wakey Wakey Upper Eastsiders, Gossip Girl here. When the summer heat fades and the rains start to fall, we all know it's time for K's birthday. But with nary a man nor family in sight, it looks like Birthday Boy's back to being Lonely Boy."

Evening, Upper Eastsiders. I know it's late but I just couldn't resist giving you one last piece of gossip. 

They say time changes a man, but it looks like old habits die hard. 

Spotted: Our favorite it-boy Kane celebrating his birthday with a pretty new accessory. Who is he? Where did he come from? But the real question is: is he a one-night fling or someone who just might be the real thing?

Oftentimes, we celebrate our birthdays in remembrance of things in the past. For what we have achieved and who we have become. But for some, it is always the future that excites. For all the promises of what could be.

Because you know what they say. Anything could happen. 



Momel said...

Aww, Kane. You say accessory like that sweet little kid is some cock ring or something. That was just mean. Seriously. Take that out.

Haha, I'm fucking. Hella Pogi, as usual. You're probably giving half of the girls here a serious erection.

Muahness from Pasig Cirehhh!

♥ N o v a said...

It's true what you said, about how we celebrate birthdays in honor of times past. Next weekend, I am traveling to visit a friend who is celebrating her 40th birthday, and the theme of her party is to dance like we did when we were 18, and to try to relive how we were when we were once young.

Happy birthday, love.

citybuoy said...

I saw this! Uulitin ko nalang ang response ko: Happy birthday Kane! (at dadagdagan ko) You are truly a joy to read. :) Di makokompleto ang blog rounds ko pag walang HATH. Salamat for sharing your gift with us. And here's to more years to come! :)

Perry Maktub said...

Happy Birthday Kane

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