Monday, June 10, 2002

Young Trendy Guy to Young Trendy Woman:
"I want to learn Ancient Greek, so I can read the Old Testament in its original language without having to resort to translations. I believe that true meaning can only be detected if you study a text in its original language. Like, if you want to study Heidegger or Husserl, you really need to learn German. I am thinking about going to Berlin once I complete my course in Ancient Greek to study at the same school as Heidegger.."

Me Wearing an Old Tattered Tee, Greasy Glasses and Obviously Reading Tolkien's The Two Towers (and no longer being able to keep silent):
"Marburg. You'll want to study at Marburg, then."


Young Trendy Woman (awkwardly):
"Oh. Well, anyway. Martin, I have always wanted to study Russian, but I have been told that the grammar is so complicated.."

I looked out at the window remembering what it was like to be a young University student feeling the sky was the limit and desperately needing to impress everybody with my knowledge, skills and interests. As the two students kept discussing Impossible and Esoteric Languages, I stopped myself from correcting them. Sometimes I feel like an old, weary and over-educated woman.

-----June 10, 2002 blog entry,

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