Monday, June 22, 2009

Gossip Girl Birthday Ball Season Two: The Hamptons Ball

Hey Upper Eastsider! Gossip Girl here. Top story on my blog today: everyone's favorite it girl K's birthday ball.

We hear on the fourth of July, everyone's heading east… to the Hamptons. Think Park Avenue princesses but in tennis whites and golf trousers.

Will this year be any different from the last? Because it looks like our friends from the other side of town got themselves an invite to the inside. From NFFs to BFFs to FBFs, everyone's just dying to get in.

The players may change but the game remains the same. After all, unlike the rest of us, sex, lies, and scandals never grow old. So who says game over? When the clock strikes 12, let a new game begin.



Turismoboi said...

hmmmmmmmmm mahilig ka pala za ganito!

Kane said...

@turismo: hahaha. what is "ganito"?