Friday, June 26, 2009

Farewell to Youth


Hello old friend. They say age is but a number, but what people forget is that numbers are a very real thing. In one week, I am turning 29. As I prepare to cross that border between 20-something and 30-something, I suddenly realized I will miss me, the young me.

I will miss the Kane who was just discovering the world; seeing, tasting, touching, feeling sights, sounds, emotions for the very first time. God, what a ride it's been. I think I have never been happier as I was during this particular period in my life.

Do you remember when we first met? All this was just a dream. 30 seemed so far away, and we thought youth would never end. And now here we are, both nearing the end of a decade. Time stands still for no one.

Each year, our problems become more and more complex. We discover beautiful and ugly things about the world, and, ultimately about ourselves. We struggle to be good, knowing that each choice puts us a little bit closer to or farther from where we want to be.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring. Will it be as exciting and thrilling as yesterday? Will we find happy ever after? Does older mean wiser? Too many questions, too little time. But we won't stop, won't we.



E said...

which is better, turning 30 or knowing that you have 10-15 more years to live...

Being on your 20s but ugly as hell or being 30 but looking like 20 :-)

Oh, I'm sure your party will be great!

Turismoboi said...

happy bday!

wanderingcommuter said...

age doesnt matter, maturity does...

i dont know if that would make any sense at all.. hahaha!