Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When Two Become One

"And the two will become one flesh;
So they are no longer two, but one flesh."
---The Bible

Dear K,

Hello my kismet in a parallel universe ;)

I'm well. I agree, a lot has changed. I've become irrelevant. I am no longer single, I'm living with my boyfriend, and have discovered I'm now irrelevant. I don't know exactly when it happened but now, I'm just part of a whole. Not that I'm unhappy because I'm not - I'm in love and very happy, and very scared at the same time.

I just had an interesting epiphany this past weekend when I ran into an old friend and she immediately asked me, "How are you and Joe?"

Somewhere between just me to being with Joe, friendly hello's stopped getting directed to a singular me. It has become "How are you and Joe? What are you and Joe up to this weekend? Do you guys have plans for the summer? You and Joe should come over for dinner", etc. I'm no longer interesting just by myself and when I'm around other single people, I find that I can't share in the same excitement they're going through and vice versa.

As a result, I've become an outsider to 60% of New Yorkers, and still a newbie to the rest of the 40%, which frankly aren't all that exciting! It's almost like, I have to find new friends who aren't single. When singles need new friends, they have a multitude of choices and communities to meet new people--,, All these dot coms are geared towards single people. And it got me thinking, is there a out there?

I'm struggling with an identity crisis that I'm quite happy with. I like being a part of a couple, but I still want to be an interesting, singular, me, which makes me think of friends like you... where conversations can revolve around everything and anything other than boys.

So, lately I've been laying low and concentrating on my current project that requires no interaction with other people. My new apartment - it's coming along really well. My theme is photo gallery with a little bit of a French accent here and there :)

How about you? What have you been up to? I'd love for you to come visit again!



engel said...

i think i love ana already!!!

she's living an enviable life. :)

hope i'd have her kind of dilemma. :D

jericho said...

dear ana,

you have not become irrelevant. on the contrary, you have become interesting. and very relevant to someone else .. joe. :P

me (an irrelevant guy to you)

bulitas said...

i feel for anna


♥nova-san said...

Dear Ana,

I'm in NY. You can hang out with me. =]

Kiks said...

the letter came across as sad. like she was convincing herself that she is happy in this new predicament in her life.

i guess that's the way it is. you get scared and happy and anxious and all that.

Guyrony said...

Ana, you are still in the adjustment process, let it sink into your mind that being a couple living together, you will be named as one. You guys, both of you, you and Joe.

I hope that in due time you will see the more optimistic side on this topic/personal issue.

Raft3r said...

ah, what do to with them?