Monday, September 05, 2011

The Games We Play (II)


The Games We Play (I)

"Heyyy, kamusta?" Gino asked.

"Grabe Gino. I had a hot makeout session last night," I replied. "Ang sarapppp. Fucker."


"Si Grindr boy. Ang sarap, as in. Parang high school lang. A lot of kissing. A little touching. Ear nibbling. Cuddling."

The night before …
"Hey, nasan ka na?" Grindr boy asked me. "I thought we were going to meet."

"Teka ha … maliligo lang ako."

"I have to sleep early kasi. Pero if you want, I can drop by to see you kahit sa lobby na lang. Pero sandali lang ha."

"Okay okay. Give me a few minutes."

It was a cold night and Grindr boy was wearing a sweater and shorts. He had come from Starbucks to study for his exams and he was carrying a backpack with all his books inside. He looked really cute, like one of those exquisite Russian dolls with permanent smiles on their faces. He's always smiling, this boy, and I can't help but smile back.

I invited him inside my place. I was excited and a little nervous. There are some men you just want to have sex with, and some you actually want to date. I had a feeling he might belong to the latter. I knew the drill. We would talk a little; then there would be some awkward silence. After a few casual exchanges, I moved in closer to him. He smelled really good.

I tasted the mint in his breath when we kissed.

"O, bakit lasang mint ka? You planned this no?" I teased him.

"Hindi ah!!!" he exclaimed.

"Come on. You wanted to see me at my place, you're wearing perfume, and your breath smells of mint!! You wanted to seduce me," I said.

"Di ah!" he protested. He was pretending to be indignant and was shaking his head.  "I just wanted to see you. Ikaw nga ang nag initiate ng kiss," he pointed out,

"I couldn't resist it; you were lying there looking so adorable," I told him. "I had four years of Catholic education, and I'm telling you, you are an impure thought."

We were both laughing at that time. After a few minutes more of cuddling, I stopped and looked at his eyes.

"You know, I'm fine with whatever version you want to tell people. I don't mind," I said. "Let me be the bad ass wolf preying on poor innocent boys, fine. I'll give it to you."

"Well ... the thought of making out may have crossed my mind," he admitted, grinning.

"Make out lang?" I asked.
"Kailangan ko pang mag aral eh," he said.
"Okay, manood ka na lang habang mag jerk off ako," I said. I saw his eyes go wide with shock, and very quickly, turn into helplessness. He didn't want to say yes; but he also didn't want to say no. It's alright, I said. I was just teasing you.
"O? Ba't di mo nalang sinex agad?" Gino asked.
"He had to study pa. And parang mas gusto ko na sweet girl muna," I said. "Although … gusto ko sanang papuntahin si John after. Pero parang too slutty?"

"Haha. Kamusta naman ang date niyo ni John?"

Two nights ago …
"Thank you Kane. Nag enjoy ako! Ingat! :))" John texted me.

"Hey John =) It was really fun listening to your stories. You're really quite the charmer," I replied.

John and I had dinner at a quaint Italian restaurant where I discovered he loved creamy fettuccini pasta, that he had just broken up with his first and only boyfriend, and that he is meeting a lot of men.

"Bahay ka na?" he asked.

"Yeah. Ikaw? Nasa ibang bahay ka na?" I said.

"Hmmmpf! Bakit ganyan ka sa akin? Ganyan ba tingin mo sa akin?"

"Uy, I was just teasing you. You know, even if you are with someone, it's perfectly okay. You're single, time to see and meet everyone."

"Magpapakabehave ako, promise," John said.

"You don't have to, come on. Go enjoy yourself. So how many guys are you seeing now?"

"Ay wala pa. Ngayon lang ako lumabas ng dalawa lang. Uhmmm ... date ba yung kanina?" he asked me.

"Well, nobody dates anymore John. People just hangout," I said. "Except perhaps for old fashioned people like me."

"So date nga yun. Hehehe. Muah."

Aba, marunong itong taong ito. "Let's plan a real date?" I asked.

"Sige. Pero I'm not ready for something serious. I just want you to know," he said, adding a sad face to his text message.

"Sure. Let's go out without expectations. You can have your fun; I can have mine."

"Wow. Gusto ko yan! How liberal of you Kane," Gino said. "Pero kung ako sa iyo, kay John ka na lang kasi. Tignan mo.

He's 23. (Very young)
Attractive (Oo naman)
Living alone (Walang hassle)
Stable (May mararating)
And single (Puedeeee!!!)

Diba? Anong pang hahanapin mo? All in one na!"

"Sigh. Kainis. They both seem really great. Must a girl choose between two of her heart's fondest desires?" I lamented.

"So… is Grindr boy the one?"

"I think ... puede."

"So paano si John??

"He's ... the other one."


Aris said...

kane!!! you've been a bad girl. a very very bad girl. spank kita. choz! haha! :)

red the mod said...

Ito ba ang "no time to gave fun?" No time pala ah. Haha. Ikaw na! Ikaw na ang in-demand. Chos!

Glad you're enjoying your singlehood, and taking your sweet time to choose.


rudeboy said...

Cole Porter said it best, Kane:

If you want a future, darlin',
Why don't you get a past?
'Cause that fateful moment's comin' at last...

We're all alone, no chaperone
Can get our number
The world's in slumber--let's misbehave!!!

There's something wild about you child
That's so contagious
Let's be outrageous--let's misbehave!!!

Brian said...

Natawa ako sa comment ni Aris. Well, I'm happy for you! :-)

Nate said...

@kane: yi....... *giggles*

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

I love this continuation. And will be waiting for the next.

Btw, i mean your story reminded me of him. Sayang nga e, i am all out for him na talaga kaya lang, i cant be in an open relationship. Ok n nga sana kung ganun problem ayaw pa nya aminin na ganun ang gusto nya. Kaya masakit.


Have fun but be careful!

dabo said...

the other one.. oo nga.. (naputol ang isang paa ng upuan. tumumba ako.. kalurkey =)

the green breaker said...

But, red flags! oh, how can you miss them.

Well, baka sa tingin ko lang ganon.

engel said...

mahihilig talaga tayo sa bata. lolz

bien said...

Have fun Kane.
It's just a game right?

*waiting for the 3rd installment

Yas Jayson said...

Give me the one. Save the Other one :)
Haha. Jusme, flirt na rin ata ako.

Check the wv: tomist
Lord, sign ba to? LOL

POPOY said...

hay so long hair mo nman 2 guys na too qualified....

pero take your time to choose...

kenchu said...

haha. woot woot. ikaw na ikaw na. :-)

Blakrabit said...

*kilig* parang scenes lang sa isang romantic comedy movie! (:

Anonymous said...

i remember this text - I had a hot makeout session last night. Ang sarapppp.

and this one (sans the name)- gusto ko sanang papuntahin si John after. Pero parang too slutty?

hahaha. bow.

ıǝɹɯɐı said...

ang landi teh. grabe. hahah. going for gold talaga ha. :)

Mugen said...

Of the things I never did when I was still single:

Have back ups.


Leo said...

How come you're still single? It's an honest question. :)

citybuoy said...

Magnonotes ako next time we meet. You're such a flirt, Kane. I love it. lol

Spiral Prince said...

OMG. I just read this now, k! One word: effervescent! :)