Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Road to Perdition


Gossip Girl: The Games We Play (III)
Beauty and the Feast

One fine morning in the Upper East Side, Vackie woke up to the sound of his best friend having an orgasm.

"My God! Winalang hiya ninyo ako! Di ninyo man lang ako ginalang. Natutulog akong walang kamalay malay, eh yun pala may sine sex na kayo ni Gino sa tabi ko! (How could you and Gino have sex with a guy beside me while I was sleeping? You have shamed me!)" V exclaimed.

"Hahaha. I'm sorry honey," I said. "You know how it is. Sometimes you just get carried away."

"Hahaha. Teka (Hold on), did you cum on the guy's face?"

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? Hahaha. I refuse to answer on the ground that the answer may incriminate me."

"You dirty girl. I saw you! I love. Porn star ka na. Hahaha. I'm going to tell Arlan!" V squealed.

"Nooooooooooooooooo," I said, and we both laughed hysterically.

"Hmmmm. Parang meron kang hindi kinukwento. (You're not telling me something)," was the first thing Arlan said when we met.

"Ha? What?"

"I heard … ibang level na raw ang pagka pokpok mo! (you've become the new girl of the town!)" A said with an I-know-what-you-did look on his face.

"Ha? (What?) Who told you that?" I asked.

"Oh honey, stop pretending. It's all over Gossip Girl. So … is it true? That the lady is now a tramp?"

"Tsk tsk … Ano ka ba. (What's with you?) You should never listen to gossip," I said. "Besides, between the two of us, I'm not the original group fun girl here. Bina bawasan ko lang naman ang lamang mo. (I'm just trying to catch up)."

"My God, ibang level ka naaaaaaaaaaaa," A said laughing. "Where's the girl I used to know?

Indeed, where is she, I asked myself. I used to think I was built differently, that I'm the kind of guy who prefers quiet dinners over sexual trysts. But lately, the dinners have become far and few in between while the sex ... well, don't let me get started.
Am I having a midlife crisis at a young, tender age of ... (gasp) ... 31? Why am I rebelling against the things I used to believe in? Maybe I just got too tired of trying to be the good guy, the nice guy when it seems the world wants to fuck you. So you fuck back.

Perhaps the pressure to find love in the modern world was too much, so I caved in and decided to just have lots of sex with really, really, really uber hot guys. Come to think of it, the trade off doesn't sound so bad.
I thought I have gone too far, but I realized you can actually go further.
Gino and I met Jason near his place. It was just going to be a casual meeting. After a few minutes, he invited us to go up to his place to hang out. Oooohhh, hang out. I knew what that meant.
He shared a small apartment with a friend. He introduced us and we made small talk about his work in a cruise ship, about the Halloween parties they went to, about Bigfish and drugs and boys and sex. I stood up and walked around the room because his shoes caught my fancy when suddenly in my peripheral hearing I heard one of them say

"So ano, apat tayo, game? (So the four of us?)"

What the hell. I was stunned. There I was, caught in between two guys negotiating sex where I was supposed to be part of. I suddenly realized I wasn't prepared for a foursome. I told Gino I had to meet a friend, so we told the guys we'll set another date.

"What the fuck? What happened?" Gino asked me inside the car. "Andoon na tayo ah at game na sila. Anong nangyari sa iyo? (Everything was set. What happened?)"

"Honey, I was so not ready," I told Vackie after I narrated what happened. "The first thing that came to my mind was: Paano ang blocking? Ang choreography? Kanino nakatutok ang camera? (What's the blocking? The choreography? Who gets the maximum camera exposure?)"

"Hahahahaa. Yan kasi. Bata pa lang child star ka na. Laking Hollywood ka kasi," V said. "Nasanay na may script, may direction. Di mo ako tularan. Laking Broadway. Magaling sa improvisation. Noong sabi ng mga ka sex ko na may gusto pang pumunta, sabi ko go lang. Walang issue."

("Hahahahaa. That's the thing. You were just a kid when you became a star. You got used to Hollywood," V said. "You got used to a script, direction. You should emulate me. I grew up in Broadway. I'm used to improvising. When the guys I was having sex with said another guy was coming, I said go ahead.")

"You're such a game girl. I love," I replied, laughing. "But God honey, these kids these days. I mean, they're like 23, 24 and I'm a fucking dinosaur compared to them. But they didn't even blink. They're just more aggressive, more experimental, more adventurous. Nakakaloka. (It's outrageous.)"

"I guess it's really a new generation," V agreed.

"You know, I've decided the next time I'm faced with a similar situation I'm going to go for it," I said. "I mean, Yes is the word right? Maybe it's time for me to take on more difficult and challenging roles. You think I'll make it?"

"Honey, you're a natural born star. I'm sure next year, you'll be the grand slam winner for best breakthrough actress in the adult film category!!!!"

"Gaga! Let us not get our hopes too high. I may not even like it."

"Or ... you may."


Anonymous said...

there...those lines....bwahahahaha aim for that statuette! hahaha

joelmcvie said...

It's all part of this movie (or play, if you wanna do a Vackie) called life: you learn your lines, you improvise, you push yourself.

Then you know which genre you're best at. Drama? Comedy? Action? Horror? A mixture of genres? All of the above?

Malay mo, one day you'll realize you're such a versatile actress. You're the real Star For All Seasons.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Wow! To the next level of fun! Just be careful friends...

I use to joke what's the difference between a good and a nice guy? Well, a good guy goes home and go to bed. A nice guy goes to bed before going home. Level up!...

Just be careful while having fun...


rudeboy said...

I've often imagined that pretty, pretty boys may not tend to do well in situations involving more than a party of two. A lifetime of praise, attention, and basking in the spotlight might not be good characteristics for someone about to engage in a menage-a-troi, or more.

Somehow, I have visions of pretty, pretty boys just lying there and expecting to be devoured like the Last Fuckin Supper. Alas, even in a threesome this is a deal-breaker. The thing about group sex is the community aspect of it; share and share alike, everybody gets a turn, no hogging the hotties.

When you literally lose yourself in a tangle of body parts, you should lose your ego as well. Ego has no place in group sex. It is the sum of the parts of the whole.

eon said...

that sounded like situations i found myself into occasionally in the past.

gillboard said...

does that mean you've given up on true love and all that sh*t?

Raymond said...

I would like to ask the same question from gillboard.

nubadi said...

lee said that you and probably the cast of gossip girl will be painting my town, Davao City, red this week! so sad I can't be there to, at the very least, give a prompt curtsy to blog royalty. enjoy Davao!

♥N said...

Well, dear Kane, I think maybe you're just now coming full circle with love and sex. Whereas you were the romantic one before, you are now turning the other way, and am focusing more on just the physical. Maybe it's nature's way of balancing things out. Who knows. As long as you're having fun, that's really all that matters. ;-)

Ako si Diosa said...

I am not becoming melodramatic or something. It's fun to have sex with anyone you like, but Kane isn't it more fun if you're with the person you love. Don't stop hoping, anyway it's free.

citybuoy said...

kiss the day goodbye and point me towards tomorrowwwww... lolz

Kiks said...

100 points to Rudeboy. No egos in groupsex. Just assholes and dickheads.

tim said...

Fun fun fun- well that's what life should be. but protection is better than cure.

good luck. New here.