Thursday, December 01, 2011

Gossip Girl: It-Girl Happened One Night


Bonsoir, Upper East Siders. Did you enjoy Thanksgiving as much as I did? I know one person who didn't.

After three weekends out of Manila, I was dying to see my friends to catch up and party.

"Hey! I miss you. I'm back. Are you going out this weekend?" I said to E. "Sige na. (Come on.) I'll be out of town again next weekend."

"Nasa Icon kami bukas. Birthday kasi of a friend (We'll be in Icon tomorrow. It's a friend's birthday)," E replied.


"Try naming humabol? (We'll try to catch up?)," E offered.

"Fine. Fine. Just so you remember, honey, I am not a stopover along the way. I'm a destination!" I said and we both giggled.

"Are you bringing your boyfriend?" I asked. E and his lover have an open relationship that allowed them to explore certain possibilities.

"Yep, I'll be with Arcee."

"See yah."

E and his boyfriend Arcee arrived a little past three in the morning. E was a little drunk then, everyone was, and we were all having a great time.

Arcee and I danced together. He had always been quiet; a rather shy and timid young man who would be content to sit at a corner and watch the party. 

I found him attractive the first time I met him and we would flirt playfully with each other. But tonight he seemed different. I wasn't sure if it was the white shirt that showed off his lean body and made him more masculine or the alcohol that made him more aggressive, but I could feel something was in the air.

My hand was around his waist and our crotches were bumping into each other. We were flirting, being coy with each other while the whole world was watching. I was having fun but I wanted to make the night more interesting.

"Ang saya tonight no?" I said. "Do you wana make it more exciting?"

He nodded.

"I dare you to ask your boyfriend if you can make out with one of his best friends."

Spotlight on little A. Now put to the test by one Queen Bee. Will Arcee take the bait and go from Brady to Britney? Or will his goody-two-shoes mindset turn into the night's biggest buzz kill?

Arcee looked at me, smiled, and left without a word. When he came back, he whispered "Done", and we locked lips. His mouth was forceful, insistent. The kiss left me breathless, giddy. I looked at him and saw him in a new light.

That night, Arcee kissed me, Gino, Chris, and several other cute guys in the club. We were all stunned as he flitted from men to men with a grace that belied his beauty.

Dawn was breaking. Pople were starting to leave as the party ended. I approached Arcee.

"Hey, do you wanna go home with us?" I asked.

"Actually, I am going home," he replied. "With my boyfriend." He nodded to the direction of E who was busy flirting with another guy. Ooohhh, a flat out rejection.

He was about to go, but he suddenly turned back.

"Maybe next time?" he said with a crooked grin.

I smiled back. "Done … and done."

Spotted: An it-girl being born. Word is Arcee killed the spotlight out of everyone and stole it for himself. It was a debut the likes of which hasn't been seen since the time of … well, Kane, himself.

Looks like our girls have to watch their backs. But don't worry K, the brightest stars burn out the fastest. Or at least, that's what I've heard.

Waiting for a star to fall.




rudeboy said...

Lavinia, c'est-toi?

Kiks said...

nabasa na ba to ni e? aha!

P said...

hahahaha. you are one major B. i love it when you get nasty. ;-)


E said...

It was his debut alright...I'm sure Arcee could catch up but the question is---CAN HE KEEP UP AND SUSTAIN? LOLZ Nah, joke aside, Labs ko yan.

KIKS, Kane consulted me before writing this post. We're good ***HUGZ***

- E

gillboard said...

bad influence ka!!! :P

Mugen said...

Oh where, o where, is the sweet, sweet girl we used to know.


Known you for more than a year, I won't be surprised.

One day, you should host a party for your readers to find out who among us is the wildest. Lol.

Spiral Prince said...

You really were holding back while you visited Cebu, huh? I guess it was a given, otherwise, you would've outshone everyone else, K. :p

Good to know you're back!

citybuoy said...

This reminds me of that time when Madonna and Lady GaGa shared the stage on SNL (was it SNL? not sure)

Anonymous said...

so, the blog roll is back. hahaha


JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

I have fun reading this... Although, eto na naman si kuya J e, i can't be in an open relationship and participating in it. Sorry don't mean to kill the fun.

Have fun guys but be safe and be careful...

Have a great weekend ahead...


pointlessparanoia said...

Things could have gone wilder if he went home with you, eh?