Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gossip Girl: To the Ball, To the Ball!!!


Meet The Cast

Attention Upper East Siders! This just in. Word is our it-boy Arlan is throwing the first ball of the year as he celebrates his birthday this Saturday. The entire kingdom is abuzz with the news as everyone plots to outshine the other.

"OMG!!! I'm so excited," I squealed to Vackie. "Nothing like a ball to start the year. Oh what to wear, what to wear? We can't possibly be seen in last season's clothes!"

"Hahaha. Soo … are you going for edgy skater boy or classic GQ?"

"I don't know. I was thinking more like sexy farmer's daughter?" I replied laughing.

"Honey, nobody fucks farmers' daughters. It's soooo Middle Ages," V said. "Besides, didn't that trend die down a few centuries ago?

"Hahaha. Fineeee. I just wanted to be more approachable," I explained.

"Approachable. not laughable," V countered.

"Okayyyy. I'll be the charming young man you bring home to your mother," I said. "All clean ... yet deadly. What do you think?"

"In that case, I suggest you leave the mascara at home honey."

"Hahaha. Gaga," I replied laughing. "Fine fine, I suppose eyeliner will have to do."

A few days after the New Year, I received a text from Arlan.

"Hey K, thank you for loving me unconditionally," he said.

"Well … you do make it difficult, at time," I said with a smiley face. There was more I wanted to tell him. That he's lucky he's in the safe zone of my heart, among the ones who's entrenched so deeply they can no longer be eliminated, unloved. Because it can be hard at times.

I was surprised by what A said. Surprised that he thanked me. I have been doing a lot of thinking about us. The past year has been … rather strained. We rarely see and talk to each other. I barely know what he's doing, how he's doing, what kind of music he likes now, what films he's been watching, who is he dating.

Once, he called me up and during the conversation he suddenly blurted out he had been listening to a lot of Broadway musicals. It caught me by surprise, how little I know this boy anymore. At times, I feel we must seem like strangers to each other.

The only times we really connect now is when we go out and party. Nothing like us … together. He's just so crazy and wild and free, how he can control the crowd, get them to notice him, notice us. We get each other. We feed on each other's energy until it consumes us all.

Then we rest. Until the next party. Sometimes, I almost feel we're no longer real friends, but merely party friends.

"I'm so excited honey na mejo may konting takot. I swear, I swear!!! I'll control myself. Don't want to do anything I'll regret the next day," A told me last night.

"Now where's the fun in that?" I said. "It wouldn't be you without some scandal about your friends stealing your boys or us getting hijacked into some stranger's place."

"Hahaha. Parang ayoko papuntahin mga boys ko. Baka ahasin ninyo," he said laughing.

"OMG!!! How dare you accuse us?" I said, pretending to be indignant. "Everything happens by accident. I talk to a cute boy, I get tipsy, a little dizzy. I ask him to hold me up, and I just so happen to lean on him like I'm the Tower of Pisa. I swear!!! Everything's an accident!!!"

"Hahahaha. Basta. Pinag-iisipan ko pa."

"Hahahaha. Fine, mabuti pa nga. You know us too well. I'm not sure we can … uhmmm, control ourselves," I said. "Malingat ka lang, paglingon mo … BAM! We're gone. I mean, he's gone."

"And oh, by the way, Fran decided to celebrate her birthday this Saturday at the same place," I mentioned casually.


"WHAT???? I can't believe that even up to now my evil twin sister still wants to steal my thunder," A thundered. "Humanda siya! Magpapaganda ako!"

I texted Fran. "I bring a message from His Highness, Your Majesty." I told her what A said. Her reply was curt. "Game on."

I went back to Arlan. "I have Her Majesty's response, Your Highness." I gave him the message. His reply:

"Ahhhh so my twisted twin sister has gained too much confidence. She's probably forgotten the tragedy that befell ambitious lil' Anne when she tried to derail the attention of King Henry VIII from Queen Mary of Spain.

Unlike the late legal crowned Queen, I act fast. I make sure that my adversaries won't get a tiny drop of what they're thirsting for. Game on, baby."

A few minutes later, he texted. "By the way, Anne was beheaded."

And that ladies and gentlemen, is how we prepare for a ball in the Upper East. Happy birthday A. Can't wait for the bash. Betting on who's getting smashed. Have fun you little rodents.



nyldgreat said...

inggit bow*

~Carrie~ said...

wish kong mapasama sa ball na yan. choz

Mugen said...

And when will the High Queen of the Eastsiders throw a masquerade ball again? =)

WV: prestigh

E said...

Stress!!!! What to wear?!?!? And to make things worst...Limited slots or should I say sluts lang invite so we can't bring our usual entourage. Oh well, I'm super excited to see you guys this Weekend...The four of us should get our picture taken cause we barely volt in ng kumpleto. - E

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

oh my i love the way you did this... so cute... if my blog Sister Suz told me that my life needs to be told ala soap opera, i guess yours and your friends' story would make a cute, funny, lovely, bitchy book!... a lot will surely love it...


Guyrony said...

And so a ball shall commence this weekend...

You're making this harder than I thought.

E said...

@ guyrony haven't seen and heard from you for ages!!!! Sama ka this weekend sa party? :-)

eon said...

lovely prelude. :)

Désolé Boy said...

I get to ask the same question as Kuya Mugen (since I'm hoping for an invite, haha).
The European royalties reference is so me. Loooooove it.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about my faby Carlo and sexy Edward? are they coming as well Kane?


Photos of them and post it for you next entry please?!

Much awaited ball- Carlo

Kiks said...

the ball... i wonder what will happen in the ball... will balls be showing? falling? sweating?

wv: subso

Guyrony said...

Well ladies, looks like the Brooklyn Boy shall sit this ball out...

LJ said...

cant wait for the post about the ball.

bien said...

Had to google how a farmer's daughter look like. I was thinking along the lines of Amorsolo's Babae sa Batis haha

Cum as you are Kane

E said...

@ Guyrony C'mon!!! Sama ka na! a certain hook up of yours from masquerade party will be there LOLZ!

Guyrony said...

@E- Honey, I already tasted him.

You know you owe me that boy from the party last 28th.

Yes, him.


E said...

@guyrony this is it! last call SAMA KA NA!!! limit sluts lang o tapos may invite ka.

sinong boy nung 28th? too many I can't recall which one. lolz

♥N said...

Now I am thirsty for the post about the morning after the ball. ;-)

Leomer Apolonio said...

Farmer's daughter. It reminds of this one episode in New Girl. "I'm gonna milk the cows with these buckets."

Hahaha. I enjoy this entry.