Monday, January 30, 2012

Kane and the City: The Rich Kid


"Paano ko nga nakilala si Kurt? (Do you remember how I met Kurt?)" I asked E. Kurt was one of the few guys I met last night and I couldn't exactly remember how we met. I knew I was talking to another guy before I noticed him, and I was trying to recall the details.

"Grabe ka. May selective hearing ka! (I can't believe. it You have selective hearing!)" E exclaimed..

"What do you mean?"

"Kausap kita and sabi ko tignan mo yung guy na katabi ni V (I was talking to you, telling you to look at the guy seated beside V)," he said. "Kanina pa silang nagpapakiramdaman. (They've been sort of feeling each other the whole night.)"

"Pero ang narinig mo lang ata: Tignan mo yung guy kasi bigla na lang sabi mo: Okay siya. Gusto ko siya. Tapos ayon na. Kinuha mo na siya. (But it seems all you heard was: Look at that guy because you suddenly said: He's okay. I want him. And suddenly, there you were flirting with him.)"

"I did not!" I protested laughing. "Talaga??? (Really?)"

"Oo no! Grabe ka! (Yes! You're unbelievable!)"

"I didn't mean it!"

"Sure you didn't."

"Grabe E. Ang guapo talaga niya. (He's so good looking.)"

Kurt had that classic good looks most men would envy: tall, aqualine nose, prominent cheekbones, lean. And did I mention, brimming with youth at 21?

When we met for late lunch, Kurt was sporting a cap and a black shirt. He drove an SUV and he wore dark sunglasses.

He was bubbly, talkative, perky, fun. I found out he is still a student, has his own place, drinks almost every night. He shops in Rockwell, dines at Fort, speaks with a certain accent. (You know what I mean.) And when we had drinks afterwards, he refused to let me pay. 

Ahhhhhhhh, this kid has money, I noted to myself. Just how much money I was about to find out.

"Grabe nakakaaliw ang bracelets mo (Wow, you are fond of bracelets huh)," I told him. He was wearing lots of bracelets, perhaps around seven or eight of them and they dotted his wrists colorfully. Most of them were made of yarn but one was made of a black metallic material. It looked familiar.

"Hey, alam ko saan mo ito binili (I know where you bought this)," I told him.

He was grinning. "Saan?"

"Sa Topshop ba? (At Topshop?)"

"Uhmmmm … Aaahhh … it's from Hermès," he explained. I choked on the eggplant Moussaka I was eating.


I wanted to die.


citybuoy said...

Aaaacccckkkk!!! If that happened to me, I would've been under the table hiding na. haha But then again, these things only happen in your world. Char #firstworldproblems haha

rudeboy said...

*le facepalm*

Mon Dieu. Tres gauche.

Mugen said...

I probably wouldn't pay attention. Lol.

eon said...

he may have found that endearing... :)

Herbs D. said...

Yaick. I think i've seen these bracelets youre saying from Bryanboy's blog.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Again, your post made me smile and laugh... Cute story too...


Eternal Wanderer... said...

*kurt thought bubble*

topshop?! how cheapangga!!!


LJ said...

Oh my, I don't know what I will do if this happen to me. I don't even have a bracelet from topshop tapos he will have hermes.

We are not meant to be. Bye, Kurt. haha.

Nice one kane, love love it much

Pipo del Rosario said...

Tama ka Nyl. #firstworldproblems nga. Haha

john stan said...

the look on your face must have been priceless. not even his mastercard can buy.

bien said...


i hope this happened after you talked about his sexual fantasies

and oh yet another 21-yr old.

rowell said...

hahaha. that was just so funny. that made my day! lol

gillboard said...

di ba pwede ipakilala si kurt? :P

Désolé Boy said...

My dear Kane, please do tell me he's not sporting a French accent along with that Hermes. Please..please..please...
or I'll die of "enviousness."

ıǝɹɯɐı said...

Damn. Those were the freaking bracelets I'm dying to have.

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

SUPER blog!

Kiks said...

can you tell Kurt to get me 12 scarves from Hermes?

WV: caste

Leomer Apolonio said...

Cute story. :)

joelmcvie said...

Kung ang pronunciation niya ay, "Her-mis" na parang Aling Dionesia lang, will that make you feel better? LOL

the green breaker said...

haha mcvie!

oh my. i can only imagine Kurt.

E said...

As for my version of this story and what happened AFTER the late lunch date...HAHAHAHAHA!!!

As for selective hearing---THATS TRUE!!! I was asking K to introduce us (A, V and urs truly) to Richie Richs' equally tall, equally chinese equally young friend---I ask pressuring him kept telling him "Look at KURTS cute friend!!! GIVE him to us! Go!" and all he heard was "look at kurt-cute-Go!"

P said...



i so love whoever kurt is na!!!! =)

men with money, no matter what age or number is always worth screwing with or bending over for. =)

hahaha. enjoy him more kane!!!!


itsMePeriod said...

now this made me really smile..i could imagine the kid's look and how your face blushed my dearie :)

Mac Callister said...

ibang uri pala ng tao yan kane! kataas taasan! LOL

Guyrony said...

Well baby, I think he can keep his Hermes now.

@E - I heard some people immediately went sober after seeing him at the club. Literally.

E said...

@GUYRONY My lips are sealed LOLZ! For someone whose been M.I.A. your pretty much updated ha

Gaspard said...

"Yaya! Ilabas ang checkbook..Bilin ang Hermes! Yes, yung buong company."


Ayie =) said...

Anong gagawin mo?

A.) Tumawa ng malakas saka sabihing "Joke lang, alam ko noh!"

B.) Paikutin ang eyeballs and say "Wehhhh. Di nga?"

C.) Play Dead

or D. Mag pakatotoo na.

D.) Paarbor naman isa.

hahahah! Cute mo Kane. Penge mo ko ng isa. Parang mangga lang na pinipitas?

nyldgreat said...

hahaha it could be worse Kane ...start buying preview mags na lol!