Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shame on Me


Brian is a cute, 21-year old boy I met online, one of the many catch from the world's friendliest planet. We were texting, asking each other the usual questions, and the exchange eventually lead to sexual topics. "What are you into?" I asked him.

"Sex friends, fubu," he replied. "Ikaw? (You?)"

"Puede. Bottom? You into roleplay? Threesome?"

"I am. I love threesomes."

"Ahhh. Good. Game ka," I said. Whew, kids nowadays, I thought to myself mentally shaking my head. "What are your fetishes?"

"Nakakahiya kasi (It's rather embarrassing)," he said.

"Come on, okay lang yan. Just say it."


I have not seen Ernest in a long time so I was excited to meet him and catch up. He is one of my closest friends and has been living in Germany for six years now. We would see each other only when he comes home for the holidays.

"Ernestttttttt," I screamed. "God, how I missed you. Kamusta? (How are you?)"

Over some roasted vegetables, fish, and a bottle of wine, we talked about ourselves and what happened in the past year. I teased him about all the hooking up he was probably planning in Manila.

"The thing is kasi Kane, gay sex in the Philippines can be boring," Ernest said. "Nobody really goes beyond the top-bottom conundrum. People really rarely talk about or indulge in fetishes. There are some things I want to do but can't find people to do it with."

"Well, I'm sure there's someone out there in this city," I said.

"That's true. Pero mahirap maghanap,"

What Ernest said got me thinking. Was he right? Are people in Manila plain vanilla? Have we been left behind the sexual revolution and debauchery that began thousands of years ago in Rome and Athens? Was it just about who sucks who, who fucks who, and that's it. Or perhaps it's because we are just too shy to actually engage in our fantasies. The weight of all that Catholic dogma suffocating sexual freedom.

I was curious and I decided to make it a point to ask guys I meet what their fantasies really are. And I discovered people do have fantasies. Gay men in the Philippines want to be tied, blind folded, double fucked, piss on, be pissed on, have orgies, watch people have sex. It's just that … most of them find it embarrassing. Shameful. The fear that people will talk about them, spread rumors.

Oh we know how we love to gossip.

"Tangina. Grabe yan, gusto niya kinakain lagi yung tamod."

"Naka threesome ko na yan eh."

"Dinouble fuck namin siya."

And the list goes on.

"So what will it be K?" E asked me. "Are you going to do it?"

"Well ... yep, I am," I replied. "I was thinking ... that ... starting this year, I will be the guy who will make your every sexual fantasy come true."

"OMG!!!! Love!!" E exclaimed. "Hahahaha. Your fame will spread farrrrrrr and wideeeee. As if you're not famous enough."

"Hahahaha. Gaga. But I won't do everything of course. Light stuff lang. No shit or blood, dead bodies or animals!"

"Ayaw mo ng sex with horses?"

"Hahaha. Gago. Nooooo I'm not ready to take on those roles," I protested laughing.

"Not yet, at least," E said.

"Fucker. Anyway, I want guys to feel comfortable with me, you know. To be able to do what they want without being judged or being talked about or being laughed at," I said. "Kung anong trip mo, game. As long as kaya ko."

"So ... like any good actor, I actually did my research and watched porn videos of people engaging in water play." I continued. "It's not my thing kasi. But it doesn't look too hard. It's just that the logistics needs to be planned. Where the pissing actually happens."

"Love!!!! Yan ang gusto ko sa iyo eh. You're a perfectionist."

"Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint Brian. I'm going to give him a night he won't forget. And who knows, I might actually have fun doing it."


Anonymous said...

piss be with you, kane.


-the geek

Leomer Apolonio said...

oh pissing, i read fisting. wth

Nate said...

@leo: omg.. fisting? kaloka!

@kane: ikaw na!! you're like a sex genie or something.. :)

rudeboy said...

I was pissing on people and tying them up before it was hip.

*/end hipster rant*

Pointless Paranoia said...

He could have meant fisting, or fishing, or whatever. This post makes me smile right now. Haha!

gillboard said...

my virgin eyes. LOL

good luck to brian. :P

Désolé Boy said...

It's always been my fantasy to be----
oops...not here. I'll tell you about it when we bump again with each other next time.
And I wanna hear yours too. [And you're little friend as well I asked you about, haha]

eon said...

so many guys out there with kinks. while reading your post, couldn't help but be reminded of all the ones i've tried. :)

Mowgli said...

I plan to be adventurous in the future with respect to my sex life. How would we know if something's not pleasurable if we haven't tried it or fully experienced it right?

Do share with how this goes :)

bien said...

Hurrah for Watersports!

citybuoy said...

Kane, paano kung yung fetish niya eh to do it with someone super ugly? What happens then? lolz

Mugen said...

Yuck ka Kane! Kadiri ah!

Just make sure you do it directly over his hole. That would double the kinky factor. Wahahahahahaha!!!

Kiks said...

hmmm.... i wish it were fassbender ur fucking. now i'd be really jealous.

Guyrony said...

HONEY! How dirty! Shame on you!

Girls behaving badly.

And you might actually be on top of the list.

Tsk, tsk.

nyldgreat said...

LMAO! that's all I have haha

E said...

after level up! Try shitting on someone LOLZ!

@ Guyrony did we see each other at obar couple of sabado ago? lolz

Guyrony said...

@E - yes but I am presuming you were already fucking drunk just like your friend...

I bet you can't even remember what we did...


Victor Saudad said...



E said...

@guyrony Did we made out? HAHAHAHA! I remember making out with your friend....or is he your friend? LOLZ which brings me to my next fetish....HOOKING UP WITH STRANGERS IN UNUSUAL PLACES (church, morgue, zoo--i kid, i kid)

R. Burnett Baker said...

And you thought getting pissed was simply drinking a few too many beers.......

(I've been working too many hours: Gotta catch up on reading your stories. Especially after THIS one!! LOL)

Guyrony said...

@E - honey, let's just say he became an ex-friend after that three-way kiss.