Friday, January 22, 2010

E and the Disney Prince

"Jesse: Oh, God, why didn't we exchange phone numbers and stuff? Why didn't we do that?
Celine: Because we were young and stupid.
Jesse: Do you think we still are?
Celine: I guess when you're young, you just believe there'll be many people with whom you'll connect with. Later in life, you realize it only happens a few times.
Jesse: And you can screw it up, you know, misconnect."
---Before Sunset (2004)

For most people, Disney Land means exhilarating rides and fantastic shows, pirates, and mermaids and lions. It is a place where childhood memories come alive but who would have thought childhood fantasies can also come true?

We traveled to the Land of Dimsum Smiles hoping for a lot of sex, drugs and alcohol. We all got the alcohol, some got the sex, none got the drugs.

E went to Disney Land to fulfill a lifelong wish. He came back toting a dancing Disney prince. A one-night stand can turn into an affair and it's not the sex, it's the conversation that matters, we've learned.

What do they talk about? Former boyfriends and girlfriends, music, drugs, Enchanted Kingdom, dimsum, sex, work, family. Nothing spectacular, really. But isn't it the most ordinary things that bind us together, where that moment happens when the person reveals himself, layer by layer, and we see them. We start seeing them.

Watching you E was like watching a film. No, not Disney. More like a Wong Kar-Wai film: plotted mood pieces with melancholy characters. There you were: two people, sensitive, tentative, intoxicated by the fact that their lives stretch out before them, filled with mystery and hope, and maybe love.


jericho said...

happy for E. we do live for possibilities. :D

Kiks said...

this shall extend whatever short thread of hope E ever has on finding love... thank gawd for writers.

and friends.

citybuoy said...

i like this post. nadistract lang ako sa picture. haha i saw a collection of pictures like this a few months back. hihi

Galen said...

Reading his blog entry about the guy, it seems like our Mister E has achieved full circle.