Monday, January 04, 2010

A Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

"Something old, something new
Something borrowed, someone you blew."

For most people, the new year begun on the first of January. But for me, it started in December. December 26, to be exact.

It was 3:30 in the morning. W wanted to meet me after his work ends in a couple of hours.

K: Bro, next time na lang. Antok na kasi ako at matutulog na ako.

W: Hintayin mo na ako please. Libog na libog na ako.

K: Late na kasi ang 5:30.

W: Tawagan na lang kita pagpapunta na ako para magising ka. Okay ba sa iyo?

K: Sige. Kung magising ako, meet tayo.

At around 5:30 a.m., W called to wake me up and say he was on his way. That's when I learned that between being horny and being sleepy, something's gotta give.

We had sex as the sun rose. He worked. I tried to reciprocate and when I was about to cum, I said you either have to cum now or forever hold your peace.

W: Sige lang pare. Ako bahala sa iyo.

Eh ang dali kong kausap. When I woke up, I rushed to have lunch with some friends at the Fort. At around 5 p.m., another guy texted me.

Guy: Fuck kita.

And guess what I said?

K: Asan ka?

God, I'm such an easy girl. What will Mother say?

And that is why I found myself at a place called Bangkal in Makati, worried my car would be stolen any minute. His place was small, dirty, and smelly.

Sa couch pa lang, na ra rape na ako. Half of my clothes were left on the couch, the other half were strewn in the bedroom.

There was no electric fan. By the end of it, naghalo halo na ang aming laway, pawis at tamod.

Oh my God K!!! You're soooo dirty, my friends told me. But dirty sex can be fun, I forgot. Especially if it doesn't happen at your place.

V and I spent the whole day together. I told him all about what I did, who I did, and how I did it. He realized a week of vacation has ended and wala pa ring nangyayari sa kanya. He was still sad about his ex, sexless and joyless.

At 9:48 a.m., I received a text from V at work.

V: I did it. Hayy…

K: Did what?

V: I did a Britney single. Baby, one, two, three …

K: Oh My Fucking God! You did a threesome?

V: Yes baby. I finally tried PlanetRomeo, and you were right. It is the friendliest planet in the world.

From that day on, he was hooked. V now holds the title of the most active member of PlanetRomeo after sending the most number of messages and clicking the most most number of profiles.

V: I'm at the gym now and I saw my first crush sa gym dito. OMG. Na eexcite ako na kinikilig!

K: Then, what you wait, whatchu wait, whatchu waiting for?

V: No! Hindi pa ako ganoon ka pasugod!

K: Ano ba! Gooo say hi, smile. Go.

V: Hayyy… Nakakatense! Sana magawa ko. Parang kaya ko. Ano baaaaaaaaaaaaa! After last night, parang I can do anything.

K: Gooo! Remember, it's not who you did, it's how many you did.

V: And more importantly, how many you did it at the same time

K: OMG tumotodo ka na. "Good girls go bad, the city's full of them."

V: And for 2010, the city has to make room for two.

I remember E once telling me after my breakup that I can still be happy but it may be a different kind of happiness.

K: Honey, I hope you understand what I mean when I say this. I am glad that I think you are finally embracing your being single for the very first time after 16 months.

V: Walang choice eh.

K: Exactly! This is the only option available for us right now, and we can either take it or wallow in our misery. It is not necessarily more meaningful, or the kind that lasts forever, but it is good enough.

V: Yes, it is good enough for now.

So yes, ladies, the word is out. I'm back to my old, single, fun (and yes, occasionally sluttish) self. And my best friend has joined the bandwagon. (Three is not necessarily a crowd, we've discovered.)

We've learned you don't always get to choose the roles you play. Sometimes, you make do with what you are given. We'd really rather be Martha Stewart in her little kitchen and bake cookies for our loving husbands, but for now, we will be like nymphs and dance with fauns and satyrs. The show must, and will, go on. As someone once said. I'm a good old-fashioned lover boy.


Galen said...

Wildness can be infectious. The night we met, I actually headed straight to... ummm... somewhere out there. And it ended up... ummmm....

With a Fortuner incident? Lolz.

But I guess that's the last until Feb. I have ran out of ammo and I'm enjoying the little peace I have.

engel said...

I read this and I'm reminded of Sex and The City.

xallternative said...

Speechless... I'm not trying to be spotless or something (I have my own experiences to share), but I haven't done anything like this, especially the threesome part.

joelmcvie said...

Been there, done that...

and still lovin' every minute of it! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I was never a Martha Stewart, but more of a Rod Stewart. (Basta wag lang Bob Stewart, aka Uncle Bob, o kaya Stewart Little. Ewww, daga!)

rudeboy said...

If it ain't dirty, then it's just petting.

Anonymous said...

welcome to my world, for the past 3 years. nakakasawa sometimes, but yes, how many you did is something important at this stage.


E said...

Well guys and...err..guys, you haven't heard the rest of story yet, I think there should be a part 2 Kane. Remember 2 hours before Jan 1, 2010? LOL! Now thats dirty, filthy ans yes-smelly!!!

Don't you worry K and V, 11 days to go and we will ROCK Macau and HK! I already have our itinerary, where to go, where to do it and how many LOL

Kane said...


Kaya pala! Bigla ka na lang nagmamadaling umuwi.

Enjoy the little peace you have :) February is just around the corner. And, yes, thank you for sharing your stories =)


Kane said...


How are you? I guess at some point in our lives we all become the characters in that show. =)

And yes, I know which episode you are in.


Kane said...


Hey! Why were you speechless? There are other bloggers with far more interesting and wilder stories. I can name a few. =)

So, what have you done?


Kane said...


Honey, I know! Ikaw na ang ultimate! =) Your act is difficult to follow. (Not that we're trying!)


Kane said...


So, you're fond of dirty huh? =)


citybuoy said...

dirty sex? haha nice!

citybuoy said...

i just realized my last comment was really inane. naspeechless lang ako. haha

rudeboy said...

@ Kane : Somehow, "getting down and clean" doesn't quite have the same stimulating ring to it.

@ citybuoy : Freud, your slip is showing. Hehehehehee.

Anonymous said...

you call someone bro? i had goosebumps when i read that.
so V had 3 some for the "first time" after breaking up with his ex? but before his ex he already have done it, right? Hmmm... I think you've mistaken when you said you had breakfast at the fort kasi kakatapos mo pa nga lang. i used to work in a call center too. Tedious work makes you horny as hell.

Marx said...

Bothered ako sa 'Bro'

And yes being horny and sleepy--something's gotta give. And in my case now, it's horny-ness giving up. I love sleeping

Kane said...


Three years is such a long time. It can get tiring, all things lose their charm eventually, yes?


Kane said...


Hahaha. I seem to get the speechless reaction quite a bit.

And yes, it was nice. =)


Kane said...


We wear different faces for different places, yes? =)

V has never done it before, it was his first time. It was lunch, not breakfast. And yes, I discovered that tedious work can make one horny as hell.


"P" said...

Well well well... clap clap clap... this promiscuity can be fun K and V, dirty sex and all. Just always make sure that you'll practice safe sex no matter what ok?!

Anonymous said...

So tell us Kane... have you done a Britney single as well?

Kane said...


Only because you've had more sex than sleep in your whole life.


Kane said...


Dirty sex, sweet sex, casual sex, it's all safe sex.

And yes, it can be fun. You would know, of course. =)


Kane said...


Honey, I've done it all, from "Womanizer" to "Hit Me Baby One More Time."