Monday, May 24, 2010

Dare Devil

Look like a movie star
Party like a rock star
Fuck like a porn star

Once in a while, there comes a night you wish would never end.

Ferry Corsten was in town and everyone in the Upper Eastside trooped to A-Venue for a night of excess. Drugs, alcohol, and beautiful men and women were abundant and …

Spotted: K being given a real-life multiple choice question.

A. Get drunk.
B. Get high.
C. Get laid


D. All of the above.

Hope that wasn't the wrong answer K. But then again, we heard you can't fail this one.



~Carrie~ said...

Look like a movie star
Party like a rock star
Fuck like a porn star

Hahaha. Loving it.

I hope you really did make the right choice.

Kiks said...

now, I have two people who shall be influential in my blogging career.

and darn you two are not even close to political.

and yes, carrie, you and kane.

(kahit di mo ako kilala, i am adding you to my list of 10 influential people.)

Anonymous said...

i remember the days when i was a party animal. good times. but im glad those days are over and im at a better place now. :)

engel said...

you were very vague when you told me bout this. will have to fish more info. =)

Guyrony said...

I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time you encountered such decision making moments. :)

And knowing how suave you can be, the choice you chose is the right choice for you.

♥N said...

Life is too short not to do it all, at least a few times in your life.

Party on.

SOLTERO said...

pls not B !!!

cheers! :)

Alterjon said...

we all get to choose our story-ending. the next morning, you'll figure out what it should have been.

no regrets, hope not!

Jason Tomas (GM Lowe) said...

I just live this!!!! my answer is ....

♥ ruby ♥ said...

whatever decision you made that night, I hope you don't have any regrets... :D

kiel estrella said...

so is the answer d?

Lance said...

it was nice bumping into you on that Ferry Corsten party, Kane. Although lengleng ka na when I saw you hahaha. Di ka nagkwento may ganong dilemma ka pala. I could have helped you make the choice. Hahahaha joke! See you on the next event - white party! I'll wear black. lol!