Friday, May 28, 2010

Come Into My World

I am breaking my rule on writing; which is to write like no one is reading.

For the very first time, I am writing to someone. I am writing to YOU, my fellow blogger, reader. (I dislike the word follower; makes you feel like you're some kind of Messiah, doesn't it?)

I started writing as a way to make sense of my break-up last year. I didn't write to make new friends, I didn't write because I wanted to be heard. I wrote for me.

Writing helped me create some sort of structure; a way to step back and look at things from a different perspective. The experience was cathartic and I learned many things about myself in the process.

Over time, I met other Filipino bloggers and made friends with a few. But I have always considered myself mostly unknown in the blogger world.

Recently, I noticed more and more people are reading my blog. It is not as many as the thousands of people who read other writers but I was surprised that there were at least 160 people who read what I wrote yesterday.

I probably know around 20 of those people so I am wondering who the rest are. Who are you?

And since this is a year of crossing boundaries, I am celebrating my birthday this July and I would love for you to come. Yes, you.

I am informing you early so you can prepare a mask for the ball. You can wear whatever you want; shorts, sando, t-shirt, it doesn't matter.

The important thing is you MUST wear a mask.

Yes, it will be outrageous. No, it won't be uptight. Yes, it will be exciting as you get to meet all of my friends, the boys and girls of the Upper Eastside. No, it won't be scary, well, maybe a little.

It would be an honor to meet you, especially those who have shared their thoughts on some of my stories. You know who you are.

If you say yes to a fun, crazy night, to new friendships: please email me at so I can inform you the details of the event.

Go on... Be brave... Take that step and open the door...


Tristan Tan said...

Oh my, this seems like fun!

Mu[g]en said...

You strength lies in your ability to connect to different kinds of people. Your warm and charming personality is your greatest asset.

Remember a time when we were in O-Bar and a group of young gay people were so starstruck to see you? I must say, even I still feel that way whenever we cross paths in Malate.


Anonymous said...

my word verification code was suely. One letter short of surely! Haha

you've always told me how different your parties are. So i guess this is a chance to actually see it. :)

kane, i love how you write and somehow i live vicariously through your experiences. :) keep it up!

SOLTERO said...

wow..i wish........... :P

Jason Tomas (GM Lowe) said...

I'm a good friend of the writer.
Come along guys... I'll see you @ Kane's party.

Madonna said...


Alterjon said...

A cinderella story at hand.

Interesting. ;p

Elias Jayson said...

i had this problem too but i later realized that i am writing not to impress but to express the other sides of me. from then i became more honest with my blog.

write. write.

this just turned nineteen fellow might come. time and weather permitting :D (teka, invited nga ba ako? teehee)


engel said...

ok lang mask ko sa scream?

rudeboy said...

Mmm I love masks.

Sounds like great fun.

David said...

im glad that we became more than just blog friends! love yah!

-David :)

Anonymous said...

what a nice idea.

eon said...

sounds like fun. :)

Guyrony said...

We have crossed paths before but I'm still intrigued to who you are.

Let's see if I can attend your birthday partey!

Yj said...

walang kailangang preparation on my part...

i'm just gonna wear my smile, lotion and that mask of course.... yaiy

Kiks said...

15 confirmed na ba ito?!

sino ang sekretarya? Carrie, pupunta ka ba?

Magdala ka ng free BH passes sa mga dadalo, dali. Ako din ay hihiglat.

AHBD Kane!

john stanley said...

this one's interesting.

i have always admired your i-don't-care-'bout-what-other-people-are-gonna-say attitude mainly because i would probably never have the courage to adopt it now.

but more than that, i like it that you always have that ready smile whenever you meet other bloggers and readers in parties that you attend to. such a warm and sweet fellow, indeed.

advance happy birthday, kane.

~Carrie~ said...

Kane, I'm sure it's gonna be a fab party, and you're gonna have a ball ... or two (echos).

I wish I'd be in town for that. Isasara ba natin ang Malate, teh? Hehe

@Kiks, sana.

@Jayson Tomas, cute ka. Dito lang naman ako may lakas ng loob lumandi eh. Haha. Pardon, Kane.

Kane said...

@Tristan: Sayang wala ka =)

@Mugen: Ikaw naman Mugen, warm and charming talaga? I'd like to think I'm nice and friendly, okay na yun. =)

@Narnian: Surely it is then! Go! Besides, we both know the real reason you're coming to the ball.

I think this time, I'm the one who will vicariously live through your experience. =)

@Soltero: I wish, too. =)

@Jason Tomas: Cause I'll never be the same… if we ever meet again! Bam!

@Madonna: It's my first time to hear from you ata. Going?

@Alterjon: The real question is: Who actually gets the happy ending?

@Elias: Yes yes yes =)

@Engel: Halloween much? =) Go lang.

@Rudeboy: Mmmmm… come on rudeboy… is you brave enough

@David: Hug =)

@Anonymous: So… who are you?

@Eon: Are you coming, then?

@Guyrony: Perhaps our paths will cross again.

@Yj: You can opt to go shirtless =)

@Kiks: Mag book ka na ng flight!

@John Stanley: I'd love it if you and your plus one can come =)

@Carrie: Oh no you didn't! Are you hitting on my friend here??? In front of everyone? =)

Anonymous said...

OMG a new project K? So who wants to be on top? MAnila GG is looking for the next "it" boy or girl or ghel...Upper eastsiders dying to see who's the new guy...or gal----E

iurico said...

make sure you post an entry about how your party went. :-)

iurico said...

sorry for the spam, but can I just say -

OMG Carrie!!! Ang landiiiiiii!!! LOL

Lance said...

naks mabenta si Jason :D hahaha. advance happy birthday Kane. Pwedeng facial clay mask? Then i-wash off nalang by 2am. lol