Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Quest For Frisson

It was a Saturday night and I was taking a shower while listening to Big Fish radio featuring David Guetta.

I was scrubbing my back and legs, preparing for a night out in town, when suddenly a song played and I said to myself: "Wait... What is this song?"

I fell into a trance. There were no words to describe how it felt, how the music took me higher and higher, deeper into my subconscious, evoking emotions, memories of things that have happened, and those that are yet to happen.

Roger Ebert describes these moments with the French word frisson: something English has no exact equivalent. It is a brief intense reaction, usually a feeling of excitement, recognition, or terror.

I call these wow moments and these moments become rarer as you grow older. Our threshold to be shocked, amazed, or be wowed steadily rises as we see more and more of the world. But the quest never ends: the search for frisson: whether in food, or art, or music, or literature, or love. Especially love.

Here is the song Beatport says "got all the ingredients of a summer festival smash."

"We are not going home
We're phazing
A million miles away."


Asawa ni Bogs (chos!) said...

ang gusto ko na frisson ay sa...!


eon said...

i love that word and i remembered the last time i felt that was when i took my first bite of a delicious pistachio gelato from amici.

~Carrie~ said...

Weird that my only experience that describes this word frisson is the blackout I got from taking a pill. similar to a roller coaster ride.

Kiks said...

frisson. rhymes with friction.

Mu[g]en said...

haha euphoric!