Monday, September 13, 2010

Gossip Girl: The Blogger Edition Episode 1

DISCLAIMER: These are purely gossips and some things may be not factual. Let us not take things too seriously.

Mondays in the Upper East Side are simply fun. The New Yorker in one hand and Gossip Girl in the other giving you the latest on what's up and who went down in this side of town.

Break-ups are always messy. There's breaking up, break-up sex, trying to win you back, trying-to-win-you-back sex, making up, make-up sex. Until someone discovers there are other players in the playing field. Then it becomes messier.

Spotted: Pipo learning that just because you got out of the game doesn't mean there isn't someone waiting on the bench to take your place.

"Thank you for cheating on me again."

Now if looks could kill, we wouldn't want to be in his ex-boyfriend Ex-Jason's shoes.

Sometimes the lessons come a little too late. For some, they may never come at all.

Like our dear friend, the Pilgrim. They say he found the light of dawn, but opted to stay in the darkness. And in the darkness, only our memories remain to keep us company.

"I lied when I asked you to forget. For in saying that, I hoped I will."

When faced with an uncertain future, the questions we truly hate to ask are the ones we we fear we already know the answer to.

And what's this? Word is this boy from the city finally snagged a boyfriend. We hear this relationship has barely begun but already the secrets are piling up.

The darkest secrets are always the ones that hit closest to home. And Upper Eastsiders, we all know where home is. Why here, of course.

Where will it end this time N? 

You know who's watching. XOXO


Nimmy said...

looooooove!!!! :)

Mac Callister said...

hahaha ang galing!!!!!!!!!!!!! napangiti naman ako.

hey keep it up we'd like to get posted on those bloggers!sarap makitsismis!

Momel said...

Can't make heads or tails of this, but it looks juicy enough to be devilish fun. The last time I blogged about something on my offline friends with a trace of malice in my purposes was the last time I did it; it was uncomfortable when they approached me to enlarge their end of things. Sure, we fags are handy with a quick retort, but there are concerns where the guilt gets to you regardless of how one handles the situation. I'm just sharing; that malice on my purposes bit was me being in character.

Cheers Kane!

E said...

:-D pahabol na GG: Spotted; Sweet,sweet pop girl shopping-for a straight guy at Shangrila Mall?! hmmm scandal, scandal so are we now about to watch the rise of a super nova? or is this Titanic sinking all over again? What do you think G? LOLZ

Guyrony said...

Ah Kane, I remembered what you said earlier: it's getting uglyyyy.

And my reply was: Baby, it was ugly from the start but they didn't blog about it. ;)

@E: and where did you get that info? From the Queen Bee perhaps?

Straight guys are so hard to persuade.

Admit it!

E said...

Uhmmm...I don't go for guys who wouldn't at least give me a fucking head @ Guyrony

Arian Tejano said...

are these paintings yours?

lucas said...

they're great, aren't they? their music is dessert for my usual music fix. checked chicane's version. it's really cool. great vid. however, i think i like the original more. i mean, it feels like it comes from a more sincere place...

aha. ikaw pla si gossip girl! hehe

Anonymous said...

Ex-jason, you don't deserve anything from me. Not even hate.

This is so fun...hahaha..bakit ayaw nyong mag-comment?

Fickle Cattle said...

Crazy. I mean, I'm super new to the blogosphere, but the drama is insane. I think you can really do a gossip girl style blog for real, Kane. Lord knows you have the chops for it. This was entertaining.

Fickle Cattle

paci said...

ang propesyon ko kakabit ng tsimis kaya iwas ako sa ganito pero kakatuwa pa rin! =)

♥N said...

My, my, my... I love juicy gossip. Sex, intrigue, secrets, drama - I live and breathe for all that. ;)