Thursday, September 09, 2010

Gossip Girl: Trouble in The East


Hey Upper East Siders!

Summer is definitely done and I'm starved for a dish. Were you sunning in Crete or sinning in Croatia? My inbox is overflowing so let's get to the good stuff, shall we?

Looks like there's a cold war going on between our favorite girl and his BFFs. We heard K got into a lot of trouble during his smashing birthday ball. But, what's a party without a scandal? And most importantly, where are your friends when you need them K?

Hey Fran, how are you?
I know I have been distant and I wanted to explain. You deserve to know why, at least.
I have been doing a lot of thinking about my life recently. Do you remember when we had an issue after our Holy Week trip? You told me then that you felt bad because you wanted to be there for me when I needed you, like I always try to be there for you.
I remember that.
As you know, I had problems after my birthday. I was so stressed and I wanted to tell you about it but I was too exhausted so I asked V to talk to you.
He later told me you had spoken, you told him you understand, but you were just too stressed with work and couldn't talk to me.
I was very disappointed, but for a while, I tried to understand you. But I realize our friendship couldn't go on like this.
Don't worry, we are friends... just not that kind of friends. I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

Hi hun,

That incident after your birthday was a terrible time for you and I am only sorry that I was not there to listen, to hold your hand, to do anything.

As always, you try to understand where people are coming from and I can only thank you for it. It is not without effort, I know, but that is how you are and I love you for it.

My stress level, my worries, they have not changed. But that is not why I am writing to you today.

There are three things I want to tell you.

I want to thank you for the friendship you have shown me in the past years. You are a great friend and I do not think this will change.

I want to say that I am sorry that I was not the kind of friend you wanted me to be. There has always been disappointment in you and I am angry with myself that I cause you pain in whatever shape or form.

Finally, I want to tell you that I love you very much. I am not sure if I can ever be the kind of friend that you want or need, but I want you to know that you are that kind of friend to me. Will you still let me try then? I do not know what to do, but I want to try. Will you let me try?

All my love,

Some friendships may fade with the season, others are all year round.

They say all it takes is some space and time to clear our heads and open our hearts. And write a new ending to an old story. But then, there are those who got burned by the heat. They just want to forget and start over.

So when will this war end? Will it ever end? Or... is it the end? What's the verdict, K?

And oh, we heard you've been sick lately K. Perhaps your troubles are causing your yin and yang to be unbalanced. Or maybe... it was those four lines of white powder you snorted recently. Once you pop, you just can't stop, eh?

And what's this? Sleeping with a married man, G? Tsk tsk tsk … Oh no, who knew that underneath that sugar and spice is someone capable of lies.

Careful of the company you keep, K. What was it that my momma used to tell me… that birds of the same feather flock together?
Now, has someone spotted E? He's been MIA but word is he's about to make a comeback... with a prince in tow.  But can this prince keep this princess from running away? We heard this little pig went oink recently.

If I were him, I'd be worried. In a city that never sleeps a lot can happen in one night. Like tonight.


****** said...


And I don't want you to ever snort shit again because I don't want you sick, OK? Just let your friends do their thing if they'd want to waste lives, but for heaven's sake Kane, NOT you.

I like you, why can't you see that?


Guyrony said...

Lies and alibis.

Everyone is capable of doing them.

K, oh dear K.

When will we ever learn not to bite into such sweet (and available) temptation?

Till then, call us that type of guys.

anteros' dominion said...

i know im in no position to say this, but that 'powder' wouldnt do you any good.

you've got a wonderful life, hindi mo na kailangan ng ganiyan to find meaning in everything that you do.

be safe, kane.

god bless

Arian Tejano said...

oh, i suddenly miss my friends. wait. i'll send them a letter like one of these. winks!

rudeboy said...

Did you fall down the rabbit hole, Kane?

Momel said...

I'm not touching this with a ten-foot dipstick on account of I can't make out heads or tails of all this creamy goodness that's not in an Oreo cookie, and I can't even if I tried because I'm more likely to go cross-eyed than to understand the high and happening drama you guys are leading so I won't, and I'm just doing a comment with a high word count because I want to know how many words I can string together in a sentence while simultaneously making sense or until it stops being fun and starts getting wordy.

See, it's writing practice. Word count = 102

Cheers Kane!

E said...


Stop snorting SALT or Baby powder kasi! sasakit ulo mo jan! lolz! Seriously, madami na nagsasabi na stop taking drugs sayo hindi lang ako (YES PRESS RELEASE KO TO LOLZ)...As for G...OMG! I can't believe we haven't even made out yet! I'm loving G already lolz.

As for F and V, and hirap mag-comment! I don't want to be in the middle of this HAHAHAHA! As for E, your doing a great job! keep it up hahahaha!

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

i won't judge especially because most of my knowledge on stuff like that comes from watching too much tv. i know you're smart so i'm sure may dahilan yan.

ito nalang, a wish you all the best. (parang debut mo lang at maglalabas si kuya germs ng malaking cake lol).

Madame DeFarge said...

My inbox is mostly full of spam. Yours sounds way more exciting and melodramatic.

Peter said...

Head to Brooklyn instead.

Anonymous said...

"If I were him, I'd be worried. In a city that never sleeps a lot can happen in one night. Like tonight.".

Yun nga eh! So princess i hope you wont keep yourself from running away when your prince is asleep.