Friday, October 22, 2010

Open Auditions


Part I

Now, what's a girl to do when a lover leaves?

Others may sit in a corner and sulk, but definitely not this girl and not in her kingdom. Instead, she summons the court messenger to announce open auditions for the next batch of fuck buddies.

"Should I send for Brandon, Your Majesty?" the court messenger asked.

"No. I am tiring of him. I want new ones. Send a royal edict to every corner of the land. I want all young, able-bodied men in the palace within a fortnight," I said.

"As you wish, Your Highness. Is that all?"

"Yes. You may leave."

There's nothing like new dishes to whet up your appetite; after all, men do come in all shapes, shades, sizes, and scents.

The first to arrive was a young lad named Joel. He obviously comes from a poor peasant family with his ragtag clothes and scruffy hair.

Joel looked like… Hmmmm… how do we put it delicately? He looked like a kanto boy; the kind na tambay sa mga kalye ng Manila kasama ang tropa. (He looked like one of those boys who hang out in Manila's street corners with his buddies.)

Profile: Very raw, rough, rugged. Deliciously dark. I must admit, he isn't my usual type, but a little variety now and again spices up our lives.

Company: His stories about working in the Middle East and family anecdotes got me hooked. His mom is a katulong (maid) and his father is a jeepney driver. Natuwa ako sa mga kuwento niya. Plus, his smile is particularly endearing.

Performance in and out of bed: Have you ever felt like a teenage girl raped and violated? I was tossed and turned and flipped and … nuff said.

Part II

After I sent Joel away, I decided to do some errands. Naglalakad ako pauwi ng may nakasalubong akong dalawang lalaki. (I was walking home when I crossed paths with two guys.)

I was on the phone with Carlo that time; I turned around and saw that they had stopped and were looking at me.

"Oh my God honey, huminto sila (they stopped)," I said.

"Huminto ka rin! (Stop!)"

Huminto nga ako. (I stopped.)

"Anong gagawin ko? (What do I do?)" I asked. I was fidgeting, nervous.

"Dalawa sila, so dapat sila ang lumapit. (There's two of them so they should be the ones to approach.)"

After a long wait, one of them came up to me and introduced himself as Dwayne. He was wearing a grey shirt and shorts; cute, chinito, tall, my kind of guy.

"Gusto mo ba ngayon? Dalawa kami. (Do you want to hook up with us?)" Dwayne asked, cutting short the chit chat.

Nagulat ako. Buy one, take two pala ito. (I was startled. I realized they're a package deal.)

"Uhmmm, kakatapos ko lang kanina eh. Hindi na ako lalabasan niyan. ( Uhmmm, I just had sex earlier. I'm not really in the mood anymore.)"

"Okay lang yan. Kami bahala sa iyo. (Don't worry. We'll take care of you.)," he said, trying to convince me.

The bargaining has begun.

"Okay yung kasama ko, maganda ang katawan niyan. (My friend's got a hot body.)," Dwayne said, gesturing at his friend.

I was in a dilemma. I already had sex twice that day, and I'm more than happy with that. Still… hooking up with two guys you just met in a street is the stuff gay dreams are made of.

Dwayne could see I was still hesitant.

"Kung gusto mo, manood ka na lang. (If you want, you can just watch.)"

Watch. Now that's something I've never done before. Watch two guys fuck live, how can a girl resist?

Part III
To be continued...


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eon said...

im all smiles. :D

kiel estrella said...

nice! voyeuristic sex is fantastic.

Aris said...

oh kane! napanganga ako habang nagbabasa. hahaha! :)

Guyrony said...

You have me fidgeting on my seat already...

joelmcvie said...

I see you've now initiated your little plan of increasing blog traffic.

Brilliant. :-D

Nimmy said...

I turned around and saw that they had stopped and were looking at me.

napakanta ako bigla... "coz gurl you're amazing. just the way you are."


Mu[g]en said...

Now we have something to talk about. Lol.

Désolé Boy said...

i won't say oh-may-gawd!!!
oh well. as i've said to the other blog, everyone's getting laid except Désolé Boy.
me? i'd rather stay with joel than fuck around with those two. but as you've said, variety is the game's twist.
good for you Kane!

orally said...

TORO for the win!

tic tac tic tac

thing_ker said...

oh. live. there's an spectator. think i've experienced that before. lol

JR said...

Kinabog mo ang lahat! Ikaw na! Ikaw naaaaa! (ang taga Makati) chos! hahaha - more! more! #tulo laway lol

Momel said...

This post has got a slight Mandaya Moore feel to it, if only a little more subdued. That being said, here's three snaps in a z-formation to you, Kane; this got me wet with imagination. nspo

Madame DeFarge said...

It would be rude not to look in the circumstances :)

Anonymous said...

is this really, as mcvie says, for the 'boxoffice queen award' kane? or is this a shout out to the 'lost concubine'? perhaps a 'look, you didn't break my wings. i'm fyling higher than ever.' thing? whatever this is kane, i just can't wait for next part.