Thursday, August 20, 2009

The L Word

Sometimes, mornings can be doubly fun in the Upper Eastside. What better way to wake up than to two messages in your inbox: one from your ex, and one from your latest guy.

M: Good night.
J: Good morning.

Such short brief messages. Well, I have been known to be attracted to men of few words, I told myself. The past few days have been quite bumpy, a roller-coaster ride. When I remember M, I get sad. When I think of J, I get happy.

Excepts from an SMS exchange with J:

Until that sometime, somewhere,
We just have to be content with stealing glances
Somehow, content with saying nothing,
Smiles that are always wanting.
Though deep inside it hurts
Because we know that our love, like love,
Is what it is, it's what we got
Our love, like love will have to wait
Until that sometime, somewhere

K: Is that meant for your ex?

J: No, I just like it. Waiting is good, right?

K: Well, that's the thing. There's a fine, fine line between waiting and moving.

J: Can't one move and wait for someone?

K: There's a fine, fine line between "you're wonderful" and "goodbye"

J: I like you

K: Hahaha (nervous laugher). Maloko ka ah

J: Did I just cross the line?

K: J, you barely know me. Inaliw lang kita kagabi, nawili ka naman. You just like what I have shown you so far.

J: Haha. Mabilis nga ako maaliw.

When should you tell someone you like them, I ask myself? Do you tell him because you expect him to like you too? And when did like become such a dangerous word? Looks like someone's wanna be starting something.


joelmcvie said...

Looks like someone's wanna be starting something.

*sings* "Mamasa-mamasa-masa pa s'ya! Mamasa-mamasa-masa pa s'ya!"

Turismoboi said...

kilig mode!

xtian1978ii said...

hahaha kilig mode nga.

Anonymous said...

u want him to be uncomfortable as well? sabihin mo, I'm sexual aroused with you. LOL

The Green Man said...

Dear, you don't need another date. I think J is good for you. You just have to learn to unlock your heart to another person.

Don't kill yourself from sadness by clinging to what you and M used to have. That's what I used to do and realized i don't like slow deaths. It's time to accept that it's over sweety. There is nothing wrong with accepting that.

Give yourself another chance. Give J a chance. I am sure everything thing will be all right in the end.