Friday, April 08, 2011

Gossip Girl: While You Were Sleeping


Previously on Gossip Girl:
"All I need you to do is to get Will very drunk the next time we see him at the club."

Age of Dissonance
"Honeyyyyyy… gusto ko talaga si surgeon, (I really like surgeon)" V told me.

Farewell My Concubine
"Hey, I'll miss you," I said and smiled at him weakly.

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A wise woman once said that every morning when you wake up you should say a little prayer. After all, you never know what your day may bring.

"Go to Malate tonight," Arlan told me in a commanding voice.

"Honey, I can't," I replied. "You know I have work tomorrow."

"Too bad... I arranged a little get together and guess who's coming," he said.

"Ohhhhh. Now that was quick," I said. "I'm impressed A. All right, I'll be there. But I'll be late. I'm having dinner with Chris and we will follow."

"Don't be too late. Remember K ... you have a boy to catch."

Someone was knocking on the door.

"Fuck. He's already here," I muttered to myself while hurriedly putting on a pair of jeans. I was still fixing my hair and still wasn't dressed.
"Hey! Kamusta?" I said after I opened the door. "Ang aga mo ah. (You're early)."
"Wow.. pumayat ka! (You lost weight!)," Chris said staring at me. I realized I was still naked except for the jeans.
"Well, that's because I never forgot what you told me the last time," I said, twirling around to show him my flatter tummy. "What was it again? Oh, now I remember... 'Grabe Kane, ang laki mo na!'"

"Sus, wala lang yun (Come on, that was just nothing)," Chris said, laughing so hard.

"It wasn't. You should know, some things a girl never forgets."

Chris and I dined at one of my favorite steak houses in the city. I rarely eat meat, but tonight was an exception. It has been awhile since we last saw each other.

We had a good time, we shared a lot of laughter and a lot of stories. I told him all about my trip to South America; how Machu Picchu took my breath away, how I tasted cuy chactado or fried guinea pig for the frist time, how I made friends with our guide who taught me all about the Incas.

He told me about how he turned down a promotion at work, how his ex boyfriend finally left for the U.S. and how emotional their final meeting was.

"I wanted to project a happy aura. I didn't want it to be a sad meeting," he said. "I wanted it to be really casual."

"Did you ... kiss or hug him?"

"I knew if I hugged him, he will never let go. All the memories will come back in that very quick embrace," Chris narrated.

"So we had dinner. Then coffee. Then we went to a comedy bar because I wanted our last night together to be fun and happy," he continued. "Then someone sang our favorite song. Then I held his hand. Then... I cried."

Chris looked at me. He was a little teary eyed and at that moment, he suddenly seemed fragile and beautiful.

"I looked so stupid Kane. I was supposed to laugh there, instead, I ended up crying."

Chris and I have a strange relationship; we're not exactly "friends" but neither are we "not friends". Somewhere in the middle, I guess.

On our way to Malate, we held hands. I traced my fingers on his palm and drew imaginary birds with golden wings. His skin was rough, just like I remembered.

It was already late and obviously Will wasn't coming.

"Where is he?" I asked Arlan for the seventeenth time that night. "Why isn't he here yet? Argh."

"Sorry honey. I've been calling him but he's not picking up. Hayaan mo na. (Never mind him)."

Sigh. It looked like the night was going to be a total waste. I looked around the room and suddenly spotted a familiar face. Well… maybe not.

Mark, the surgeon, was at a corner of the bar and I approached him and said hi. I introduced my friends and later on, we all decided to stay and have a few more drinks at A's place. But I was already drunk.

"Honey, I'm going to go ahead and sleep," I told Arlan. "I gotta wake up for work and it's already 5 a.m."

"You coming?" I motioned to Chris.

"Sunod na lang ako. (I'll follow)"

I went to the bedroom and slipped into a drunker stupor while the three of them stayed up drinking. Or … so I thought.

Uh oh. But careful K, once darkness descends true natures emerge and everything and everyone is fair game.

My friends and I were hanging out a couple of days later at my place and Vackie and I were badgering Arlan to tell us what happened after I fell asleep.

"Come on, what really happened after?" I said.

"What did Chris tell you ba?" he replied.

"He said he slept afterwards and left you and Mark."

A seemed agitated and looked a little nervous. I was getting a little nervous, too. V hasn't seen Mark in a long time and he was more than surprised to find out we bumped into him and brought him home with us.

"Grabe. Nawala lang ako ng isang gabi, umikot na ang mundo (I was absent for just one night and suddenly, everything has changed)" he said. "Who whould have thought you and Arlan would see my surgeon again?"

I knew he still felt something for Mark and my feelings for Chris were also unclear.

"Come on, it's okay. Just tell us," I told A.

"V, in the first place, I didn't know Mark was your guy. Swear! We were drinking and the next thing I know we were suddenly kissing," A said. "Chris stood up and said he was going ahead, but Mark grabbed him and pulled him towards us… and then …"

I was stunned. My mind was reeling. OMG. Chris???? And Mark???? And Arlan???? WTF. I was gripping the wine glass in my hand so hard it almost broke.

It did not ... but somewhere else, something else did.

Sinatra sings "New York, New York, it's a hell of a town.” But on the Upper East Side sometimes it just feels like hell. We all know you can’t always get what you want. But that doesn't mean it’s okay for anyone else to have it either.

Sorry K. Sorry V. It looks like our it boy A had a party for three... at your expense.



noelle_page said...

I remember something like that over at your place approximately 2 years ago. Although that wasn't exactly for three... it still is Déjà vu. I miss you my girl. :)

Kiks said...

i had the strongest urge to comment.... sorry.....

but F-UGH!

eon said...

holy shit.

you shouldn't have slept K. i saw it coming (only because it happened lots of times with me already).

Mu[g]en said...

Lesson learned my dear, guard your boy - even in the company of well, friends.

Unless your boy is a total giveaway. Lol.

JapaneseAdobo said...

nakakatuwa naman tong blog mo....its as if im reading a different line up of gossip girl...good job!

Yas Jayson said...

This is the strangest of all entanglements. LOL

joelmcvie said...

Honey, always have a CCTV installed in your place. I'm sure "The QC Scandale!" will certainly be a huge viral hit, LOL.

Guyrony said...

You know what they say K, you snooze, you lose...

Well then, what's your next plan?


Momel said...

Sucks to be you, Pogi.

Désolé Boy said...

Oh no, if Edward was there I swear my heart will break, hehe.
I suggest you and V should hatch a plan =)

my journey said...

that's ok, idol kane.

im sure you'd find someone else

worthy of your time, and attention

Eternal Wanderer... said...

I rarely eat meat

au contraire, cher ami, je ne pense pas.


Spiral Prince said...

Will that something that died somewhere have a chance for resurrection? Or will it be reincarnated into something for someone else?

Tank said...


Scarlet Blue said...

Curious. And interesting. And where do you get all these fab images from?

♥N said...

There will be other chances, dear girl. =]