Friday, February 26, 2010

Gossip Girl: The Age of Dissonance


Some people think that when the party ends, the night is over. But I've learned that it's when the music stops and the light comes out that the real trouble begins.

"Nagpatulong kasi ako kay Vackie na makilala si surgeon (I asked Vackie to help me get to know the surgeon)," Edward told me. "Tapos, nagulat na lang ako na gino na niya. (I was surprised when he suddenly made a move)"

"OMG! Talaga? (Really?) What happened?" I said.

"Ayun, sila na ang nag-usap. Ano ba yan? (It ended up with both of them talking. WTF,)" he said.

"Hindi ka niya pinakilala? (He didn't introduce you?)"

"Hindi. Kasi habang kausap niya si surgeon, kinausap naman ako ng friend ni surgeon na tinetext ako ngayon. (Nope. While he was talking to surgeon, surgeon's friend started chatting with me and now we're texting.) Kaya lesson learned."

Oh Edward, haven't you heard of the old adage? All is fair in love and war, and this, ladies, is war.

"Honeyyyyyy… gusto ko talaga si surgeon, (I really like surgeon)" V told me.

"Talaga? Bakit? (Really? Why?)"

"We clicked. Ang happy ng usap namin, (We really had a great time)" he said. "There was this time I asked him: 'I'm going to ask you a really crazy question.' Then before I could even ask it, he said: 'Yes.'"

"Oh my. Marunong siya. He knows how to play the game. Bakit hindi mo kinuha ang number niya? (Why didn't you get his number?"

"I guess in my head I was thinking ... lalaki siya ni Edward. (he is Edward's guy.) Sigh."

"So what now?"

"I guess I'll have to talk to Edward."

"It's really tough. Una-unahan talaga eh. (It's all about who saw him first). So next time, don't be surprised to see me go all around the room the moment we enter the party. Then, I'll point to all the guys I like and tell all of you, 'Gusto ko siya! Siya! Siya!' ('I want him! Him! Him!')"

We both burst out laughing.

"That's not fair! Hahaha. Paano naman kami? (What about the rest of us?)" V said. "But honey, I really ... really like surgeon."

Better lock it down with the surgeon, Edward. Clock is ticking.

The problem with the game is when there are too many players. Getting fame was easy, but not everyone can be equally famous. Some stars will always burn brighter than the others.

Being single can be fun and exciting, but being single with other single, good looking friends can be a recipe for a disaster. Especially if you go out together. Especially if you go to the same places. Especially if you like the same kind of guys. After all, how many cute guys can there be in one room?

What if you and a friend happen to like the same guy and you meet him the same night? Does the person who saw him first gets to declare "He's Mine!!" How do you deal these kinds of issues? Who gives in? What if you really really like him? Do you negotiate? Are there rules that should be followed?

Because if there aren't any rules, then it may be game over between friends.

They say one is the loneliest number, but sometimes only the lonely can play. So thank you all for playing… each other, that is.


Galen said...

The trouble sweetie, is that you hunt in packs. Of course, there's competition among ultra-good looking wolves and nobody would back down. All of you think you got the potential.

I remember before, when I used to have a crime partner, I let him have the prey in the dance floor. Though we have the same preference with guys, I know for sure that he's much more attractive than me. That I cannot contest. And the giving-in did wonderful things for us.

We enter clubs together. We leave for home together. Plus, we got to make it appear we're mag-jowas dancing together in the ledge. Of course, there are lines we have to draw pa rin.

Some people find it very strange I go to clubs alone, but for this blog entry alone, I think the answer lies behind every detail you wrote.

Sometimes, foxes do a better job in hunting - small prey - than wolves attacking a big one.


rudeboy said...

"...but being single with other single, good looking friends can be a recipe for a disaster."

Mmm what if you start hanging out with ugly singles instead, Kane? |D

kiel estrella said...

or better yet, hang out with your non-single good-looking friends. haha

Raft3r said...

dapat may motto na "ang ke juan ay ke juan" para klaro ang usapan bago gimik

happy weekend

Victor Gregor said...

Stumbled upon your blog from someone else's page.

Ah, the usual Melrose Place dilemma among homo friends. Sometimes, I am just about ready to agree with rudeboy's comment. LOL.

iurico said...
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imsonotconio said...

until they are not a couple give your best shot! hahaha!

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

all is fair in love and war. i totally agree. nga lang, pag ikaw na naapakan, yung love nagiging war. haha

idk magulo talaga ang mundo ngayon. i suggest, lawayan o ihian nalang. pag-maamoy mo friend mo, back off ka na. hehe

Anonymous said...

Kane! May nag-mention ng Melrose place!!! HAHAHA! And he hasn't heard the rest of the story BWAHAHAHA!!

I'm going to miss you, V and Edward this weekend :-( Solo flight muna me! Don't forget what we talked about Thursday night! We need new queen bee LOLZ!--Eric

engel said...

these posts make me say, thank god i'm not pretty. =)

hope your friendship's strong enough to whether these kinds of situation.

Lemon Writer said...

mas masaya sigurong ma-fall sa friend. pero nakakatakot na in the end, mawawala din ang friendship kapag hindi naging maayos ang relationship.

o, well, to each his own.

Anonymous said...

i love V..

k you know me.mabilis akong mag pack up ngayon.. so no issue dear..

gawd i miss my Lovely friends E, V and K!- manilenyo

Anonymous said...

natutunan ko sa blog ni wandering commutter ang libog walang mukha. feeling ng karamihan hot at gwapo sila, pero yun nga, wala naman pinipili talaga ang libog eh.

siguro lahat politika lang din...