Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All Good Things Come to an End

"They flaunt out their beautiful leaves in the sun,

And they flirt, every one."
---Ella Wheeler Wilcox, "A Reminiscence"

"Kisssss. Kissssss. Kiss kayo ni Kane," Arlan said to Cj. Cj, looking uncomfortable, was smiling at us. 
"Nahihiya ako eh," he said.

"Sige na. Go! Go!," V said, egging us on.
"Nakakahiya," Cj said, smiling shyly.

"Ano ka ba. Parang ganito lang yan," V said, and then suddenly he kissed me, slowly. We were both aware our friends and Cj were looking at us, and we put on quite a show. Our kiss ended.

"Sige na. Go," V told Cj.
Emboldened by what he had just witnessed, Cj and I kissed.

"Kayo naman ni V," Arlan said to Cj.
"Gooo! Goooo!," I said.
Cj and V kissed.

"Pinaglalaruan niyo ako," Cj said.
"Umayos ka, enjoy na enjoy ka nga eh," I said.

Arlan and Cj then kissed, then V and I kissed, then Arlan and V kissed, and then Arlan and I kissed.

It was a Sunday night and I wanted to go out for three reasons: to party on a Sunday night with V, to celebrate Eric's birthday, and to see Arlan before he goes back to China.

I was so excited to see Arlan that night. He is one of my best friends and I have missed him terribly. He used to be my banger sister before he moved away. We spent countless night boy-hunting or being hunted, getting drunk, partying. We used to dance like there was no tomorrow.

Arlan is the type of guy who can get away with many things. He can just literally grab a guy, charm him off his shoes and the guy would leave his friends and join us. Then we work on the guy, flirt with him, tease him. That night, we decided to choose Cj.

Cj was fair, lean with a cute, boyish smile you could spot the moment you entered the club.

K: Grabe, ang bad natin. Hindi man lang natin kinausap yung friend ni Cj.
Eric: OMG! May friend pala siya?
K: OMG! Hindi mo alam na may friend siya?
Eric: Hindi.
K: Grabe, ang unfair ng mundo. Mahirap talaga pag hindi ka pretty. The pretty girls get all the luck.

Everyone in the club was staring at us. We were dancing and drinking and laughing and singing out loud. The music was good, the drag show was fun. Eric went up to the stage and joined the performers. He wore their wigs and a boa and gamely posed for the camera.

And when they played "Ang Huling El Bimbo" by the Eraserheds, that's when the crowd roared.

Edward, who from the start told all of us gusto nyang manlalaki, met five guys that night, including a surgeon we all crushed on and a guy with a huge tattoo on his right biceps.

Guy with tattoo watching us kiss: Tang-ina. Tinitigasan na ako.
Edward: Naku, mahirap yan. Relax ka lang. Relax lang.

V met a guy and they locked themselves inside the restroom. (What's with restrooms, anyway?)

I wasn't in the mood for boys that night because I wanted to be pasaway. I painted my nails black and teased my hair.

While going to the loo:
Guy: "Hey, what's your name?"
K: "Kane"
Guy: What's your number?
K: Later.

Another guy introduced himself.
Guy: Grabe ang fun ninyo ng mga friends mo. And I really like your hair.

K: Grabe honey, it's like I'm doing everything to NOT meet a guy and still, I get boys. I mean, I painted my nails black. I teased my hair. I wore shorts. Nakakaloka.
V: Well, honey, pretty goes a long, long, long way.

The next day, the boys who got our numbers kept asking the same thing. Tuwing kailan kayo lumalabas? Kailan kayo babalik?

I wanted to freeze time that night. Encapsulate the moment. Hold it, cherish it. But all good things come to an end, as Nelly Furtado sang. Arlan leaves tonight. Eric's birthday has passed. And all we have left are our memories. Like a movie that replays in my head, I remember our endless laughter, and hugs, and kisses that night.

"I'd like to stay here just like this,
It's just a momentary bliss."
---311, "Freezing Time"


Manech said...

I never had the need to go clubbing. Incidentally, my friends aren't the type either.

But from what I've read, I'm definite you had fun. :)

And I agree. Cherish the memories. I mean, we make them for a reason. :)

iurico said...


You make you guys kissing sound so... so... so au naturele. :-)

But don't get me wrong. Im not saying that I find it weird or contemptuous. Im just saying I have yet to find a guy friend I can kiss without getting gag reflexes or a hard-on from.

But I admire you that you and your friends are on that level of friendship already.

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

my friends and i kiss when we're really drunk haha

Flames to dust.
Lovers to friends.
Why do all good things come to an end?

wouldn't it be nice to pause time? lalo pag napaka-saya ng moments. kaso (sabi nga ng greenbelt) if nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.

we just have to trust that things happen for a reason. maybe it's not really clear now but i'm willing to bet it will be pretty soon. :D

engel said...

wish i was pretty.


i don't think i can do what you guys do. but it's great to know you're having fun. =)

Anonymous said...

I will miss Arlan...Edward is still here and i miss him already hahaha! We all had a blast Kane!

As for tattoo guy, he's a friend from way way back...I'm not so sure if we fucked before, but he is a good kisser I remember.

From 5 down to 4, next month down to 3...RECRUIT! Hahahaha!

Galen said...

And thank God, my O-Bar presence falls different with yours. I want the dance floor for myself. Wahahahaha!!!

You guys are fun. ;) Hope you got my list of house tracks I sent in your email several days ago.

rudeboy said...

Ah, Kane.

If only we could hold back time. But the party does end, and everyone goes home or moves on.

Relish and cherish.

Kane said...

@Manech: You know what they say, different strokes for different folks.

You should go clubbing with us, at least once. You might change your mind =)

@iurico: "I'm not saying that I find it weird or contemptuous." So, how do you find it? =)

@citybuoy: Sigh. I know. There are some moments so priceless. But then again, these are things one cannot hold on to. And that is why we write.

And you know the song! =))

@engel: Well, you don't know what you are capable or not unless you try it =) right?

@Anonymous: Yes! We need 5 new pledges by next month! Hahaha.

@Galen: You missed it. And yes, I got the list. Thank you=) Iba naman kasi ang trip mo, mas hardcore ka! Hahaha

@Rudeboy: Yes, the party does end. And sometimes, some of us gets a rude awakening in the morning =)

Lance said...

Rapunzel Kane kaw ba yan? :-) Arlan O is cute. He's China-based na?

the geek said...

we still have memories...

Anonymous said...

I met na the guy in black. Ung pinaka right. Cute siya at mukha namang mabait. Pagsumasayaw siya lahat kami ng friends namin nakatingin sa kanya.

wanderingcommuter said...

just basing from the smile on your faces, alam ng you really had a great time...

hampey bewtdey eric!

Kane said...

@Lance: Yeah, he is. You know him pala =)

@the geek: Yes we do. It's funny what we remember, and what we don't. =)

@Anonymous: Wow. Sobrang nakakagulat you recognized him. Next time, do say hi =) He is cute, and nice. And yes, he's got the moves, hasn't he?

@Wandering Commuter: Dead-giveaway and smile no? Hahahaha. =)

theGBV said...

This a good, uplifting read. It feels like I am watching the Mean Girls or the Hot Chicks. :)

I have always had this keen eye for the rightmost guy. I used to see him around. :) Thanks for the photo.

Victor Gregor said...

Jeez. I'm seeing a lot of familiar faces on your comment box. It's a bit, uh, disturbing. LOL.

Kane said...

@The GBV: Mean Girls talaga? Tsk. Wow, he has a lot of fans huh. I'm glad you enjoyed the story =)

@Victor Grego: Hahaha. Why is it disturbing?

Anonymous said...

I didn't say I was a fan. :)

Anonymous said...

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