Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Gossip Girl: War of the Roses


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Gossip Girl: Prêt-à-Poor A

"Well… if you really want to get even, then why look for someone else?" V said. "Don't you know… the best revenge is for you to sleep with his friend."

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Upper East Siders, ever wondered why we haven't heard anything about A? Word is the cold war between our favorite girls is now causing frost bites with each one marking his territory.

Kane has claimed Ortigas as his kingdom, while Arlan rules Malate with an iron fist. And if you happen to be caught on the wrong side at the wrong time … well, things might just get nasty.

Arlan and I last spoke to each other in May. He ignored all my calls and messages and vanished out of my life. My friendship with Vackie is also splintering. We no longer see each other often, no longer talk to each other every day like we used to.
It took me awhile to be okay. I suppose it's because these people are my best friends, and our relationships have lasted longer than those I had with my lovers. But no matter how strong our bonds; perhaps human relationships by nature are quite fragile.

Two weeks ago

My phone beeped in the middle of the night and woke me up. Messages after messages poured in. I checked the clock and saw it was four in the morning.

"So I'm in a club. A couple just began fighting because I was flirting with one of them but I didn't know he had a boyfriend."

The message was from A. I was groggy and re read the messages again. I was shocked to receive a message from him after all this time. And the way he spoke … why, it's as if nothing happened.

He continued sending messages which were no longer coherent, messages which contained words such as I miss you … and forever … and go with me

It dawned on me that Arlan was drunk texting me. It was that time of the night, the witching hour. That moment when you're drunk and vulnerable and very prone to text an ex-boyfriend you're missing. Except this time, he was texting his ex-best friend.

A few days ago

"Honey, where are you?" Vackie asked me.

"Hey, kamusta? I'm on my way to Ortigas."

"I'm here in Bed. With Arlan. He was hoping you'll be here. He misses you … you know."

I didn't know what to say. My first initial reaction was: if he really misses me, why didn't he text me? And besides they didn't invite me to go with them, so let them enjoy each other's company. I don't need them.

I took a deep breath. I always want to be polite so I told V to have fun and I'll see him soon.

It was late when we arrived. Gino and I immediately got our drinks and mingled with our friends. I was having fun catching up with people when suddenly, I turned and …

"Honeeyyyy!!!" V shouted and hugged me.

"OMG. Why are you here?" I was taken aback. It was almost, what, 4:30 a.m.?

"Arlan and I went here all the way to see you," he said.

Oh. Okay. So A is here. What do I do?

"Hey ... kamusta?" A said as he approached me.

"I'm ... okay," I slowly answered.

"Can we talk?"

We went outside. I took out my phone. "What's that?" A asked.

"A message. I wrote it to you when you were gone. I never sent it.

Dear A,

My life's a mess now. My relationship with Big is strange; we haven't spoken in months. I don't even know whether we're still pushing through with our plan to meet in April.

I might migrate next year and I don't know whether I can get my company to move me. I don't know which state I'm moving to or what kind of life faces me there. Everything's just so uncertain.

You're gone. Vackie's acting weird. Where are you? Why won't you pick up my calls? Why won't you answer me?

You're supposed to be my best friend. I miss you so much.


I paused after reading it. I have saved the message in my draft folder. I never sent it; I never deleted it either. I don't know why, really.

"Why didn't you send it?" Arlan asked me. "I would have …

"You would have what? Oh come on. You knew why. I sent you hundreds of messages, but you never replied."

"I guess I was just too angry… "

Spotted: Two white flags waving in the sky. Could an Upper East Side peace accord be that far off? So what will it be, K? Truce ... or consequences? We all know one nation can't have two queens.

What happens next ? Only time will tell.



rudeboy said...

"We all know one nation can't have two queens."

When George VI died, the United Kingdom actually had three queens: the Dowager Queen, the Queen Mother, and of course, the new Queen, Elizabeth II.

Multiple queens can co-exist, Kane; but only one can rule at any given time.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Best doesn't mean true, just what your friend Edwardlearn, old doesn't mean wise. To make best as yiur true firen, each and every one of you should know that there are low moments of friendships, that might put the relationship down. Thing is don't say anything bad about each other and have your own time to think, then when you're ready, you kiss and make up. That would help you develop best to true. I have lots of friends, never had a best friend, buti got three true friends - relationships from worst to best times. We dont need to say things or ask things, we feel what each other need.

You are all young, and if you are soon to migrate, there is no time to keep "negs" in ur heart. You never knew what "migration" may bring you.

Have fun guys... I always enjoy reading your posts. I miss that time of my life where you guys are in now. Made me older and wiser... Not sure about the last one though! LOL!


JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

Sorry it's 4:30am and i just got back from the washroom. I may still be sleeping... Sorry for some typo errors... iPad is so small for a still sleeping blogger making a comment... LOL!


gillboard said...

if you're leaving soon, might as well put closure on all things that's still up in the air.

Mugen said...

Take it as a sign. E and You were there when I went to O last Friday. When was the last time the two of you met?

Désolé Boy said...

Ohhh good for you guys. Last time we bumped into each other, you said you and Arlan are not talking.
Anyway, I see a lot of things are happening in Ortigas. Is that why you said I should party again soon? Haha.
Anyway, Ruddie said it well. Amen to that!

bien said...

oo nga, they're reaching out so why not?

Nate said...

give it a go, Kane.. patch things up with Arlan.. believe me, you wouldn't want to lose a bestfriend.

eon said...

how very Blair and Serena...

R. Burnett Baker said...

Oh dear. This gave me flashbacks! :) But very nearly in the future you will all have moved on through the daily mundane, and three quarters of all this drama will be forgotten.

But, reading this, and being reminded of all that booze-fueled bitchiness, I had to smile. And it occurred to me that you Upper East Side Gurls needed a theme song. I think I have the perfect one in the link below. It's performed by Bobby Troup, the musician who wrote it. My favorite version was done by the Manhattan Transfer, who by-the-way, will be performing at the Blue Note in Manhattan in December, I think!! Can't wait!


citybuoy said...

It's funny how we expect so much from our friends no? And when they leave, no amount of casual fucks can ever compensate for it.

Spiral Prince said...

I'm in a cold war with a bestfriend, too, right now. When I ask myself now, I can't even pinpoint the exact reason why I'm angry. If I were honest to myself, I'd admit that what largely drives the static now is pride.

Don't you miss your friend, K? I miss mine, too, and sorely, but I don't think I'm ready now. I'm too vulnerable. They're supposed to be constants in our life, no? I guess that's why it hurts so much when they're the ones doing the hurting. Maybe it's these bouts of hurts along the way that can make or break a friendship. Maybe human relationships are fragile. But doesn't that make treasuring them more rewarding?

Sean said...

it's clear that you love each other dearly. i hope you patch things up soon :)

Kiks said...

Well, sometimes roses need to shed off their thorns to hug each other... and grow them back immediately right after.