Friday, February 11, 2011

Human, All Too Human: Preview of Season Three


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome. Our guest today is the creator of the show Human, All Too Human  and he will talk about what the third season is all about: the plot lines, the possible conflicts, the direction of the show and what surprises are in store for us.

Host: So wow Kane, I can't believe it's been three years already. So what can we expect this season?

K: You know, I honestly don't know. (laughs) Season One was all about Kane going through a break-up. He had lost the love of his life and it was all sad and lonely and heavy. We saw him at the lowest point of his life.

In Season Two, we saw Kane starting to have fun again, partying, meeting guys. He picked himself up and reclaimed his spot in the Upper East Side and we witnessed his adventures as he turned 30. The balls, the masquerade party, the clubs. We saw him fall in love with a knight in a shining mask, create a harem, talk about HIV, write about sex etiquette.

He wrote about a boy from Denmark, about a red headband and an eyeliner. He spoke of being fearless, he wrote about remembering a love. He wrote fiction where a beautiful boy had sex with an ugly guy, and proceeded to do it himself in real life. He opened up and became friends with a few bloggers. (You know who you are.) He started interviewing other writers and started several projects in his blog. He wrote his reflections about time, about human happiness.

Now in Season Three, we've started by revealing that Kane may be leaving Manila but we don't know yet where or why or when. It will be interesting to see how this will affect his social circle and influence his decisions for this year. As simple as will he allow himsself to fall in love and get into a relationship knowing he is leaving anyway? Or will he close his heart for the moment?

Host: Will there more sex, more drama? More (cat)fights with friends? (laughs)

K: (laughs) Hopefully there will be peace but as everyone knows, in the Upper East Side, the good times never last. That's the thing with this character and his world, you never know what he'll do next or what to expect. In many ways, Kane is exactly the type of character we all love to hate.

Host: Why do you say that?

K: Because his world is one that I think most of us detest for its artifice but secretly desire to experience for ourselves. The sex, the drugs, the parties, the lies and betrayals and scheming. Sometimes, it can be all too much.

But Kane is who he is. He is unapologetic,willful, but I'd like to think he has a kind heart and a brave soul. It would be interesting to discover how he grows, see what more we can learn about him. It looks like we have an exciting year to look forward to.

"I have a feeling people don't like me," I confided to Eternal Wanderer once.

"Why do you say that?" he asked.

"People do read me and some like to make comments on my stories, but they aren't warm and friendly," I explained. "Sometimes I wonder why when I am always nice to other bloggers and I have never said an unkind word to anyone."

"Ahhh. It's because you are Kane," Eternal Wanderer replied.

"What does that mean?"

"Kane kasi is sosyal (It's because Kane is refined)," he explained.

"And difficult to befriend?" I asked.

"Very alta-sociedad and breathes rarified air, so to speak."

"Oh come on Ternie."

"Not a lot of 'commoners' can handle that," Eternal Wanderer continued. "It's like being in the presence of the dowager empress. One cannot help but don courtly manners."

"But I write about my kagagahan (stupidities), I show photos of myself drunk! I never talk about money or a new gadget I have or what phone I am using."

"Exactly my point."


"You display refined breeding. Only the crass or nouveaux riches would crow about their newly acquired possessions.


"As I've always said, we can categorize Pinoy gay bloggers into several branches," Eternal Wanderer said. "1) The gay humorous narrative 2) The emo word diarrhea 3) The explicit sex adventures."

"You don't really fit into any of those categories."

I guess I don't.


Anonymous said...

ahhh... nice one, ternie.

now, of these 3 categories, where do i belong? hmmm...

happy valentines, kane.


kaloy said...

kane, i like that you don't fit in any category... and cheers to season 3. ;p

Nishiboy said...

"Not a lot of 'commoners' can handle that."

Precisely why I rarely comment here. Your blog is just too...glam and fab to be smirched by my lowly thoughts. Haha.

and you're not really a blogger, kane, not even here. you're a writer who just happens to own a blog.

Leo said...

looking forward to season 3! :)

Mu[g]en said...

"Not a lot of 'commoners' can handle that," Eternal Wanderer continued. "It's like being in the presence of the dowager empress. One cannot help but don courtly manners."


"and you're not really a blogger, kane, not even here. you're a writer who just happens to own a blog."

I don't really know the difference. Could you explain nishiboy?

Peter said...

Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be fun. Next.

Mu[g]en said...

Pahabol lang.

Your blog gives us a vial of catharsis, we can't help but return for more.

Looking forward to your season 3! :)

Nimmy said...

nung hindi pa kita name-meet meron akong perception that baka hindi mo masakyan ang personality ko. sobrang nagkamali ako! super friendly ka, accomodating, never mo sa akin naiparamdam na i was out of place. na-feel ko ang sincerity! you're a very sweet person Kane.

eeeeeeeeee! can't wait for S3! mwah!

john stanley said...

omg, i was shot point-blank with ternie's statements! lol.

it's okay, no harm done.

anyways, i have to agree. class becomes you.

Louie said...

You're one of my favorites, Kane. I will look forward to the direction you and this blog will take as Season 3 unfolds.

Aris said...

should i say, happy 3rd? miss you, k! :)

Anonymous said...

Do I need to tell you how much I love your blog? And you? Haha
Kudos and cheers for more stories!

-Désolé Boy

orally said...

"People do read me and some like to make comments on my stories, but they aren't warm and friendly"

well if it elicits different emotions and feedbacks then it must be really good stuff. i'm a fan.

Yj said...

talk about being one of a kind...

:)) that's what i love about you Kane... and the your attachment to anything beautiful of course...

headbands... among other things... yaiy

Kiks said...

yes, Kane, i cannot agree more with the Eternal Wandered.

because you go beyond it.

and who does blogging like it was the 1980s' Dynasty?

ikaw lang. (only you.)

engel said...

looking forward to season 3. and ouch dun sa nagpopost ng bagong gadgets. di naman ako nouveaux rich or crass.

still have to pick up that little trinket you got for me. miss you kane!

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

now i have more time to read blogs


zulu said...

refined breeding? meh.

iurico said...

Words are powerful especially in the hands of a master conjurer.

So Kane, now that Ternie has "enlightened" you with these categories, will S3 entries fall under these for people to be warm and friendly towards you? :-)

C said...

i created a blogspot account just so i can follow your blogs.

happy heart's day love.mwuahh

R. Burnett Baker said...

Sex? Drama? Yes, please! Just no drunken photos!